Monday, November 10, 2008

A blank page…what to write.

I feel like I should get back to one of the purpose of this blog and that was to discuss (rant about) the remodel and its progress. Well that would be great if we had some progress to report. I know, I know we have come a long way with the move. I realize I need to be patient and yelling at 007 (we’ll give him the title tonight b/c I’m feeling generous) serves no purpose because the guy can’t clone himself. Well, maybe he could but that wouldn’t be any fun after the remodel now would it. Still even with all of that info behind me I am so freaking fed up with the “forever move/remodel.”

So where are we you might ask? Well, our old house, in town, is almost ready to be listed on the market. I say almost ready but what does that really mean. I’ve been saying that for MONHTS now. Well, this time it might actually be true who knows. To finish up we have the basement to finish painting with DryLock. By the way that stuff is fabulous and really helps fix an older basement home where the interior concrete walling is starting to breakup. I think what’s coming off is paint or plaster hard to say as DryLock looks kinda like a thin plaster. My point is there is nothing structurally wrong with the walls its just cosmetic and we want them to look bright and white! Instead of the dank chipped paint look that happens to a basement when you don’t do basement up keep. Please someone tell me who does do basement up keep??? I swear I went down there to do laundry and put crap in storage that was it. Now I’m painting the walls it doesn’t make since to me. However, it looks amazing and well worth the $100 for a 5 gallon bucket. It’s also very functional paint as the name implies as it keeps moisture out. Cool.

So we have that little project to finish and it is taking forever! The paint is thick and the walls are rough b/c they are unfinished so it’s slow going to the point where it makes your hand hurt. Good times.

The other project left to finish is the finished half of the basement. It’s almost complete. You see 007 has mad painting skills from his time spent working as a painter. He can be a bit anal too because of it but when you can do trim free hand without tape I guess you can be as much of a punk as you want. So we added fresh paint to that area and new light fixtures which look amazing. There was also a big hole that slowly got bigger from 007 picking at it. It started as a crack and ended up a big hole that I just covered up with a board. Anyway, he finally really fixed it by cutting the hole into a square and sheet rocking it all in. You now can’t see the hole unless you are really looking for it.

I realize my basement must sound awful but until we gutted our new (old) country home we were rather chicken to try “BIG” projects at our nice historic looking in-town home. So we did nothing but basic cosmetic stuff as a result. What have I learned, well don’t be afraid to leap! Yes, give it a shoot and if you mess things up well head to your local chain hardware store and ask someone how to fix it. You will be amazed at how into there jobs those guys/gals are. They are also very helpful! Really they are you just have to get past the fear factor and intimidation of orange or blue aprons whatever your preference is.

Oh, the final project we have left at the in-town house is the half bathroom. We decided it was time to toss the burgundy toliet and matching sink out. You may ask why since we are selling. We’ll it’s always been an ugly bathroom and I really figured with a little bit of effort it could be rather cute. Well, it soon will be. The toilet is 1930’s or so I think maybe '50 or 60's for all I know. Anyway it is vintage so it doesn’t conserve water. To fix this I put a clean 2 litter plastic bottle filled with water into the tank to reduce how much water each flush uses. Think water displacement and volume and you get why this trick works. It’s a real technique by the way not just a redneck KS thing, but unless you live in an old home you won’t need to ever use this trick to lower your water bill.

The other problem with the toilet was it’s freaking HUGE! The half bath is dinky small and this think is a monster. So you had to wedge yourself between the sink and the toilet to get in the position. Then you had to reverse that process to get out of the bathroom. The new toilet will make the space look rather rummy. Oh, yea and I purchased the all in one toilet in a box. Pretty cool setup that they sell until you go to pick it up. Very heavy, but that’s what 007 is for! Still it has everything you need which is nice, price $60.

As for the sink it two is matching 1930’s vintage and the drain brook probable a year or more ago. Great, I didn’t care as I didn’t use that bathroom that much and figured 007 would get to it when he can. Well, that didn’t happen. So one day I decided to take on the project and headed to the hardware store to fix it. That was when I found out it’s considered truly vintage. What does that equate to well about $300 just for the drain assemble and drain fork. I wish I was kidding. Apparently 007 had already figured this little fact out but had avoided telling me for fear I would get upset. Go figured! So I went in search of a replacement and get this I found the exact same sink but 2008 vintage for $32! Crazy don’t ya think. Different brand, I think American Standard. Oh, I do plan to sell the old sink and toliet with goal of re-couping my costs into the bathroom upgrade. Any takers for a burgundy set?

Anyway, we need to get both of those installed which we will attempt to do ourselves with a few borrowed tools from a plumber friend (I hope). Then there is trim to add to the walls in the half bath which we’ll do first. 007 is also going to paint with his mad skills the ceiling and walls above the tile. We debated removing the tile as it has maroon accents with grey and white fake marble streaks but figured it would be scary to see what is under that tile so we are leaving it for the next people. It’s not as hideous as I describe just dated. I would say 80’s but I’m not that good at dating tile.

With those things done we’ll be ready to start brining in furniture for staging the place. I plan to use rent-a-center because they will deliver and pick-up the furniture when I’m done. I just need to figure out if it’s a good deal or not. I never used such a service but I’m sure there not completely crooked right?

So we are close but man we are still far away from listing it… dang it! This all leads me to why I have nothing to report on the remodel as we can’t be in two homes at once. I wish I had realized that fact sooner. Humph:)

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Chrystal said...

Aw, you'll make it. I think you're doing a great job. It's a massive undertaking, after all.

That 2 liter video was really cool!