Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ignorance is bliss...

So here is a quote from a friend’s blog…

“Although I did not support Obama, it is amazing that in 150 years we have gone from a country that wrongfully enslaved blacks, to providing equal rights to all, and now to having a black serve in the White House. God bless America!” - Nice girl (NG)

Ignorance is bliss. Well, my friend Chrystal was concerned about her blog post based on this quote not in the ideology that she might offend someone but more in the since that her thoughts wouldn’t come through. Well rest assured they did and you did a great job!

Now on to my thoughts, hopefully they will make some since… You’ll need to read Chrystal’s post first to understand mine probably. Here’s the link.

I think it really does come down to ignorance and education.

The short version of the story: NG made a hatful comment on a social networking site. Chrystal responded. NG removed post. Chrystal removed her response. NG posted above quote on Chrystal’s page.

Although, NG quote above is offensive and rather short sided I don’t believe she realized what she was saying when she posted the above statement. It’s all about education and the burden Chrystal carries as she tries time and time again to make the world a better place by correcting one miss guided comment at a time. NG did delete her previous comments based on whatever Chrystal said to her. Now my first thought was why? Did she delete it b/c she too remembers Chrystal from school and respects her or did it finally hit her up side the head that she was being ignorant, rude and hateful. Hmmm I wonder.

The key though is the hateful comment was removed. Also, Chrystal opened NG's eyes on some level by saying something. Chrystal didn’t stay quite and that is brave, very brave. Granted I realize that NG then posted yet another comment and one that drives me mad.

So let me get this straight a MAN campaigned and ran for the highest political office in this country which he attained. Does that mean we are even or that our history lesson is over? NO. These two issues although closely related are separate in my mind. The slate has not been wiped clean with this man's accomplishment. We still oh it to each other to remember our ugly beginnings and to realize why others take offense, how to correct our speech, and how to raise our social concise. It's called being civilized and respectful.

I know having Obama head to the White House is a huge accomplishment and as a loyal Oprah watcher I fully understand the significance. I guess my big question though is why does race have to come up in such a negative connotation?

I understand and am personally shocked that he did win as I feared that the religious right would try to stop the momentum he has behind him with there scary tactics. I am not kidding on this. It has been scary and I’m in one of those “red states”. I personal fear for his safety b/c of all the hatred in this country that peak out from people I want to respect but now can’t. However, I have hope and a lot of it comes from him and his wife. They are daring and willing to put themselves out there, to take the heat, and for that I look to them to guide my actions.

Do I think this is a historic time in history? Yes, however, it has more to do with who he is as an individual, who he reminds me of, and the hope I have that our country has reached this moment. I have never seen a political candidate capture such audiences or speak with such amazing clarity. To me he is a leader that motives and inspires masses of people to make positive changes and to get involved. Why wouldn’t I want that?

A few days ago I went to dinner with an old friend from HS. We ate at a brew pub in Lawrence. Granted it’s a college town but what I thought was oh so cool was a large group of college age students sitting at a table near us. The group was comprised of every ethnicity I could think of and at the end of the table was a cardboard cut out of… you guessed it Obama. I was curious so I stopped and asked about the cut out and if they had worked on the campaign. They had and that was when it hit me.

Not one of those students was concerned about race they were simply out with friends. They were celebrating an accomplishment of someone they see as a leader. Someone who I hope will finally move us to a country that encompasses all, like that table of students did. I want to live in a country where my friend Chrystal doesn’t have to educate people and each of us are respected based on who we are not our color.

Hmmm apparently we stuck a nerve with this post. Maybe it too will educate or at least spur some form of educated discussion. That is my only hope.

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Chrystal said...

Very nice.

How horrible is it that the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not they were feeding Mr. Obama some of those fantastic onion rings?