Friday, November 28, 2008

Mad...very mad.

Yep, I'm mad go figure. We've been busting our rears trying to get our in-town house ready to sell and then it finally is ready and then there's a delay by the relators.

Here is the house listing: Click here

However, you will notice that there is NO FREAKING PICTURES!!! I would LOVE to call up my relator and ask him just what does his 7% commission get me? UGH! However, I am a firm believer that being a witch at this particular point in my life will get me nowhere. I like the guy and YES I do realize it's a holliday week. However, I was hoping with "Black Friday" someone would be out there house hunting and want to pick up a house on their mad rush to Best Buy at 4am. A girl can dream can't she?

Well, in my frustration I took my own photos so here you go. I am overly impressed with my mad decorating skills and have since been staying at the house for the past three days. My darling, 007 has been driving out to the farm to take care of our fur kids and then coming back to the in-town home to stay the night with me. It's been a bit of a vaccation from remodeling so for that I am VERY thankful. 007 calls this a morning process as I have to let go of this place and if it takes me a few nights, oh well. Ahhh... He's sweet and all but he's not 100% perfect.

So here's the photos:

Yesteryday's view of the house:

Our Amazing new family room; crazy what paint can do to a space! Real fireplace that I will miss.

The formal dining room

Another view of the dining room, yes those are fresh flowers but they won't be by the time they take photos!

The living room; I am digging this awsome couch set!

Another view with the 2nd fireplace in the house (there are 3).

The half bath with the new paint and new fixtures. Yep, we got it done!

The breakfast nook. Amazing how this turned out! How cute. Thanks Salvation Army for the chairs!

The kitchen, yep i bought fruit for the pic's. Sorry no pic's of the upstairs master bedroom, 2nd bedroom, and full bath yet. Guess I'm no beter than the realtor:) Not!

Two more pic from Thanksgiving, 007 captured this one of me and I think it sums up all the things I'm thankful for:

  • A great after turkey dinner nap
  • Our families and them understanding how we needed to just stay home this year.
  • My wonderful dogs (Rocco, Orson, Scout, Greta, and the little guy I'm snuggling with Pepe).
  • My amazing cats (I have a few too many to list).
  • ALL of our Foster fur kids! We hope you get your own forever homes soon! To see whose looking for forever homes visit our rescue website via this link: Happy Tails Animal Rescue
  • My hubby, 007 who was busy cleaning up from dinner when he took this photo. Here is a photo of the whole gang out at the ranch, L-R (Orson, Greta, 007, Scout, Rocco). Love this fall pic!

  • And last but not least, I am thankful for the future and all the posibilities... I was dreaming about interviews again, I will probable be 100% insane before the 20th.

I haven't posted this yet, not sure if I want too. As you see I am ubberly (yea it's a word in my world) nervous/excited for a big interview I have coming up. It's for Vet School, no not undergrad. The real deal. Yep! It's taken me three + years, two part-time jobs, 1000's of volunteer hours to get to this moment and it's here. Ah!!! I hope the interview goes well.

Well, from our house to yours, a bit delayed but oh so very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Chrystal said...

First, the pictures look great. And I give you lots and lots of credit for keeping your cool with the realtor. I am not as patient as you.

I had to laugh when I saw who isn't in the group photo.

You're going to ROCK that interview, by the way. You know that, right? Those little whipper snappers can't compare to what you've done!

ks_kristi said...

My patience is wearing thin. Ben's all fired up, look out.

Yea, I have a funny photo with Jasper in it with the gang, I'll post. A stupid plant got in the camera. It's so captures his personality. He's growing on me but he still needs a home!

Thanks! I plan to prep for interviews tomorrow. I've got a lot of physiology and anatomy to cram in my brain. Ugh! Then the two vets want to do practice interviews with me:( I mean great! Ahhh.