Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missing my Malea ;)

Hmm, it's been one crazy week since my last and first post. I have had an amazing week and it has had highs and lows. I assume this is how most weeks go for just about everyone and although my week is unique for me it is not unique in its complexity from anyone else's. Strange don't ya think how we are all similar and yet we all lead very different lives.

Well, enough of the thinking and on to the recap...As luck would have it my pal Chrystal had work travel that took her to KS. She spent the trip speaking and sharing about her job at three of our universities in this great state. She is part of an amazing program and the opportunities this program provides to students is fantastic. So she came, she shared, and we got to hang out.

The week was extra special for me because Chrystal brought her daughter Malea. I first meet Malea in August of '07 when she was only a month + old. I couldn't wait for their plane to land so I could see how much she has grown. Since Chrystal had work meetings to handle it meant Malea and I would get some one on one girl time. I would like to think we bonded at least on my end.

First off let me just say Malea simply ROCKS! Okay, now that I have that out of my system I will say adding a baby to the mix sure changes things. It changes how fast you get out the door, how much crap you have to take with you, and what you get done during the day. We did get a lot done though. It's just that we slowed down and did more enjoyable things like make faces at each other. It was cool and now sitting in my car outside the library (as this is the only way I have Internet access during the remodel) I keep thinking she is in the back seat.

Weird... We didn't spend a ton of time together but that time sure left an impact on me and I sure miss her. Of course I miss her Mom too but unlike Malea I know Chrystal will be about the same next time I see her. Malea will change each and every day. I wish I could see those changes in person rather than in pictures. However, pictures, her mom's blog, and chats on the phone will have to do. And so it goes.

What did we do during this visit? We did a lot. We had some great meals out including sushi and Thai food. Yep, we have such places in KS. Malea and I also went to vote! She helped me cast my vote early for the next President (fingers crossed). No we didn't vote for that old guy and his poster child side kick. No, We voted for positive change and I am really counting on Obama for that! Malea and I used the touch screen machine to vote and we both pushed the button together. I wish I had a photo but the electoral lady said she couldn't take our photo. She did give us BOTH "I voted" stickers and I'll post photos later.

I am not sure why this election means more to me than others but it does. Maybe it was my Social Change and Advocacy class and the text we had to read for that class; "Rules for Radicals." No, it's not on the watch list and yes it's an old book. The course focused on grass roots movements. How each of us can have an impact and how to start that process in a positive way. I digress

We also went trick or treating with my sister's kids. We headed to a neat neighborhood in my town and it was like stepping back in time. Kids everywhere you look running door to door for candy. Each home was decorated to the hill with decor. It was neat. On their last day, to-do we visited a national historic site; "Brown vs. Board of Education." We didn't have much time and Malea had to eat so Chrystal saw more of it than us. Still it was done very well and I will have comments on it at some point. I will need to go back first to get the full experience.

The girls also visited my new ranch. We went on a hike and Malea learned quickly to keep her legs up high as I carried her through the tall weeds. She was not too pleased with me on that account. It was fun to show them the ranch "under construction."

It was a fun visit and I hope they make it back to my neck of the woods in the near future preferable when the new place is done so they can stay with me or at least cook at the house with me. Here's some pic's. Oh, and the title of this post is a shout out to a good Brooks and Dunn song, "My Maria." I like the rhythm of it.

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Chrystal said...

Great post! We enjoyed our visit sooo much! You and Ben were great hosts and you're right - we did do quite a bit, huh? We'll be ready for you here in Cali as soon as you're able. We live in such different worlds, but that's part of what makes it great to be friends with you.