Sunday, November 30, 2008

What if...

I had a random thought today as I was leaving my third job. It's a weekend gig and kind a kick in the pants. More on that at a later date.

Anyway, my thought was WHAT IF everything was done? What if the house was sold, the farmhouse was done being remodeled. The damn photos for the house I am selling where up already (still mad). What on earth would I do on a cold Sunday? Also, my phone is dead, literally and figuratively. I need to upgrade but I'm too cheap. So I can't call people. I told 007 of my what if plan and that I was going to pretend for the afternoon that in fact everything was done. He thought it was hilarious and a great plan. He also can't reach me to ask me to make a last minute run to Home Depot. Yippee!

What have I done, well I've made it to a local coffee shop so I could check out a few blogs. Yep, I am addicted to this now. It's a good addiction to be connected if you ask me. Next I plan to stop by the farm store and pick up a few items. Maybe, stop in at that random statue store and see just how much that damn Giraffe statue really is. I know, I know what a stupid want. How funny would that be to have in my garden though?!

The cool part of my what if plan is I am so much more relaxed, happy, calm. Now why didn't I think of this sooner? Oh, that's right because I was too busy just trying to get everything done. Isn't perspective a kick in the pants?

I also figured I would upload a funny pic, it's take two of the group shot. Chrystal pointed out that I had failed to include someone from the group photo. There are many reasons for him being left out of the photo, mostly he won't sit still. This photo is a rare moment indeed. Anyway, here he is front and center which sums up his personality to a T! His name is Jasper he is a pure breed Australian Shepherd cattle dog and I am told is registered. Of course those that gave him up can't find his papers, go figure! Every owner surrender is a complicated case.

He's super smart and a royal pain in my rear as he needs tons of attention and I'm too busy. He has some fear issues towards men so 007 is working with him on that. If you raise your voice just a bit he cowards, which typically is a sign of some abuse. However, if you praise him or talk softly to him he'll do whatever you ask. I've taught him a new command, "COME". Because he's so smart for him this word means return to me, circle me, and sit facing forward by my right side. Like I said he's smart.

He's also funny and would make someone a great family dog. He is up for adoption so if you are interested in him drop me an e-mail at or you can check out his bio on our rescue website: Jasper

So now that you know about Jasper, how about a challenge. I propose that anyone who happens to read this blog (Chrystal maybe the only one) to take a day or an afternoon and see where your "What if..." might take you or how it might make you feel.

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