Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's it worth???


I am beyond bummed. Why you might ask? Well, because I am delusional when it comes to real estate that's why. Yep, certifiable. I spent the last hour in between tears scrubbing my kitchen to I am certain the cleanest it has ever been. I needed to work off some anger. Its still there. So why the rage? We met with our Realtor and I am certain the man will end up with a purple heart from having to deal with me.

So tonight was the night I had to put a price tag on my home. A home we have LOVED. I think that should be bolded.A home I bought myself. Nope, not with 007 by myself. That's a HUGE accomplishment in my book.

I can't help how I get attached to "things" but I do. I need a new focus but currently it's this damn house. Go figure! We have painted I am certain every square inch and the rest we have scrubbed clean over the past few months. We have done more home repair, weekend warrior projects in the past few months then most folks will do in a lifetime. Finally we decorated the crap out of the place. I even ventured to some of the rental furniture places that charge you weekly. You have to sell a kidney and give your life history but they will delivery decent looking furniture to your door even without a credit check. They will also come and pick it up for you if by chance you change your mind, fall on hard times, or fail to pay your bill. I think they call it repo but I digress.

Basically I've gone way overboard in the hopes to conquer our exorbitant debt with the sell of this house. When you go back to college for a 2nd BS degree you end up with some debt. Add to that I am hoping to increase that debt with more schooling that would also include quiting my job. Great plan don't ya think. Yep, insanity is my middle name.

Back to topic... PRICE. What is your home worth to you? Hmm... Well, that is very hard to quantify. However, you have to set aside memories, the last six years, and you have to look at the market. Your local market, what houses have sold for near you, appraisal values, and don't forget you have to think about what a buyer can actually get financed for. With the current economic situation in our country there is the reality that most buyers will need to put at minim of 5% down. That means lenders are looking very closely at appraisal values. Those are neighborhood specific and boy does the location of your home matter. I knew it was complicated but good grief!

That brings me to the price we settled on. I had hoped for 160 and what I HAVE to come to terms with is 135. I could ball all over again. Keep in mind I will still come out ahead in this deal minus our Realtors 7% cut so in reality I shouldn't be whining but whining I will do. This stinks.

I no longer want to move. I think my new plan is I come with the house. I'll be in the basement, in the corner, pouting. Humph!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here's three.

This photo was taken on Move in Day. I was so tired but SO very Happy!

Ben's side helping us move in. They also helped us move out. So nice of them. This is a great photo of our home in the late summer/early fall.

My favorite photo of our home in the winter time. It's such a neat place!
2BR, 1 1/2 Bath, 3 fireplaces (one gas and in the master bedroom), hardwood floors throughout, 1/2 the basement is fully finished, other half very nice too. Deck of the back and 2 car garage also stone. Yep, it's real limestone. I also have the original blue prints, and photos of construction in 1939. You want to buy it?


Chrystal said...

I love this house too. If I had the money, I'd buy it and take all your troubles away. $160K is a steal!

ks_kristi said...

Ahh, thanks Chrystal. That would make me oh so happy and then 007 happy b/c I would stop crying and then yelling and then crying again. When did I become such a girl?!?!

If you buy it, I promise to rid ya of raccoons. Come on what a deal!