Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Houston we have Contact!

Greetings from the Ranch!

I'm online and I couldn't be happier. I am finally blogging from my wonderful new (old) office at our new (old) home. We've named the new pad Happy Tails Ranch as we now live in the country on 10 acres and as I mentioned prior are remodeling a 100 year old farm house. Yea, it's going really slowly but that's more money related than anything as we are doing 80% (feels like 120%) of it ourselves.

An update on the remodel. Well, 007 is currently running more electrical line to add more outlets to my office and the "dog's room". I sure hope he gets a light setup soon as I can hardly see my keyboard and the damn saw he is using is LOUD! I already have a headache. It is cool though how skilled he has become with electrical wiring. He's really good.

Well, we are getting closer to the Sheetrock being done. It takes a long time and lots of hours to get the walls smooth. 007 is getting really good at that as well. He's got one corner going into the bathroom that is super square and smooth I find him admiring it from time to time. I have to admit I admire it too!

We have had snow the past few weeks off and on. It gets super cold, snows, and then the next day it hits 60 and all the pretty snow melts! It's enough to piss me off. I don't understand why it just can't stay warm or cold, damn global warming! The ranch looks amazing in the snow almost like a dream postcard, for me at least. I love living out here so much I can hardly stand it. I sleep so well as it's so quiet and peaceful. I keep telling 007 that this old house has such a cool vibe and it's true it does.

How are we surviving the remodel process well it's been up and down with a lot of growing pains on both our part to be honest. However, we are really doing well as a result. I guess sometimes we each need to step out of our comfort zone and knock out a wall! You would be amazed at how it changes your perspective. Slowly we have come to grips with the fact that things won't happen instantly. That was really hard for me to deal with but some how some patience finally hit me. Now I enjoy the small victories more and have stopped obsessing over the big picture. I still want it all done but the little things seem sweeter!

Well, I should stop rambling from the ranch as this post has no real direction except to say we are finally online! Woo Hoo!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods;)

So what does it take to get online in the sticks?

A closer look, the big one is internet and the small one is direct TV. I think our neighbors think we're spys.

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