Friday, January 16, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

This movie opened tonight in my corner of the world so of course I had to see it today! I have been waiting since the trailers started showing up on TV.

What did I think, to sum it up in a short few words: I LOVED IT!

This movie just made me smile from ear to ear with each scene. Yea, I am cheese sappy type but you know that already. I loved this movie because it highlighted some key things I believe in and one in particular is shelter dogs ROCK! Yes, they are the forgotten and the overlooked. However, in my world they are just diamonds in the rough.

I can say this as I am currently blogging while surrounded by former homeless pets. Pepe (accent on that e) is passed out on the perch of my desk in his dog bed. He was a special case and a blog all himself. Scout is curled up by my feet and he hails from a shelter in Newton, KS. Orson who arrived at my home as a lost stray the day Brown vs Board of Education was dedicated. He's managed to crawl under my desk which is an interesting feat as he's 100lbs these days.

Then there is Thomas my orphaned foster kitten who is now over a year and half and oh by the way has a heart murmur. He's running around everyone and keeps trying to help me type. Rocco decided to put himself to bed and Greta is downstairs helping 007 paint. He doesn't sound happy about the extra assistance. Greta showed up one morning at the clinic smelling like trash. Nobody claimed her so I did and 007 gave her a big bath. Rocco was my birthday gift our first year of marriage and came from a local farmer. He's a rather independant type. There are a number of kitties down stairs in the living room passed out on my couch; Hawkeye, Klinger, Radar, and Merlin. Yep, it's a funny place to live.

Maybe the truth is I already live in a hotel for pets and they are MY FAMILY along with 007 of course!

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