Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No more excuses

Yea, I haven't posted since last year:( Pooh on me. It's been a rough few weeks in my neck of the woods. One heck of a roller coaster ride. Now I just don't know what my next move truly is but hey whoever really does. So here is hopefully a detailed up date on things and then I am really going to try and blog most every day as I think about it a lot but I just don't do it. Well... no more excuses!

House remodel update: 007 is currently painting the kitchen and bathroom walls with primer! The Sheetrock nightmare is over! No more dust. However, as if that wasn't awesome enough it has occurred to me that I already want to remodel our future bedroom. Since moving in we have been sleeping in the "guest bedroom/niece and nephews bedroom". Our bedroom just has stuff still in boxes in it. So, we really could remodel the room. Why? Because I am insane and well I want to get all this crap done. I don't want to paint walls I plan to rip out and I sure don't want to keep the walls as is. 007 is mildly annoyed with this "plan" of mine but admitted after a little arm twisting that he has been thinking about it too.

See we or rather him mostly has learned a ton as this process has evolved unfolded. He's got some mad skills now to add to his already mad painting skills. Add to that I can get this accomplished because I'm not really paying for labor or a contractor. So our current compromise, if I plan to proceed with this is: I, yes me has to gut the room by myself! Down to the studs. I have some anger issues that I need to work out and I think wielding a sledge hammer might just be the ticket. Maybe it will boost my confidence too!

Interview update: It went really well. Um I have an e-mail that I sent a friend that at some point when it doesn't sting so much I'll maybe post. It goes through the whole thing. It was at my State Vet School and I honestly thought I kicked serious butt. I really still to this moment think I did. Its just really hard to get in. I have a theory that it is my Science GPA that is holding me back but that is only speculation on my part. It could very well be my GRE scores, my age, the planets, my history, who the hell knows. I am not your "picture perfect" cookie cutter applicant that comes straight out of undergrad and matriculates perfectly into DVM school. Nope I am a 30'ish/change of career/found my calling type.

One would think that would make for a better applicant/student but to ADCOMS (admissions committees) I am a bit of a wild card in their eyes. How to change that view and make them see how serious I am.... well, I am still working on that one and this will detail my journey.

Mailboxes: So I am furious with mine. Yea, it is an inanimate object I get that. I am still royally pissed at mine! Yes, I will explain. Let me preface this story by saying I never have a good New Year's Eve. I don't know if it's the damn anticipating or what the hell it is but it just never works out. I either get sick, we pick a crappy party (bar) to go to, or we have different views of a good time with whatever group we decide to hang with. It always just goes flop at least since we've gotten "hitched". With this in mind we made no plans and just decide to go to dinner. Simple.

We picked my favorite restaurant a local Sushi bar (yep we have these in KS). The place was hoppen and we were happy for the owner as we've gotten to know him. Hey it is KS by the way. So we have a great meal and head home. I am already tired with a little too much Saki on the brain. So like a fool I tell 007 to stop at the mailbox so I can check it.

That's when the anger/sadness hit. I opened it and found a letter size envelope from "the school". I knew before I opened it what it was because I belong to an online forum with other pre-vet hopefuls others had received good news which had come in large envelopes. The one I had in my hand was the "bad news" kind. I was crushed and so I handed it to 007 to open as I just couldn't bare to read the words that ended my plans for 09. He read it and of course said he was so sorry. Yep, rejected outright. Very, very cold.

Now what? I have no idea to that question. The anger/sadness is still there just under the surface of ever day but I am digging myself back out. Slowly. It's hard to get crushed, again. Especially when I have worked for this for a long flippin time and I had such a good vibe/experience with my interview. I am currently working three jobs to pull this off. Now I still have those three jobs but feel defeated. Not a great combo.

For now I have decided that what is best is to try and up that Science GPA so I am repeating Chemistry II, Organic I, and Physics I this semester. My goal is A's but even that is laughable when I get bummed. My other goal is to figure out what "Plan B" is as I don't have one. I have gone all in on this new direction and I just can't picture an alternative. Probable not healthy but it's the truth. I guess growth and discovery are on the horizon for 2009.

Now that semi brings ya up to date! BTW our other home still hasn't sold. Yea, great!


Kate's Journey said...

Thank you for your posts! I enjoy them immensely. You're motivating me to get to work around my house and to keep believing and working toward my dreams! :)

I suspect it won't be long before you will be going to vet school since your passion is so clear, and you have a wonderful determination!

Even still, I am excited for this sidetrack adventure you're on, and am looking forward to continuing to read about your year unfolding!

ks_kristi said...

Kate thanks so much for the comment. I kind a wondered if anyone other than Chrystal reads my ramblings. I found your blog via Vet on the Edge and really love it! You have such a wonderful way of inspiring.

You have a great way of looking at this sidetrack for me as an adventure maybe if I keep repeating that I'll start to believe it. It’s weird as part of me wants to rush right off to Vet School and then there is this other part that just wants to stay put. Life sure is a journey.

All the Best!

Life in vet school said...

Hey -- I know it's crushing to be rejected from a vet school, especially if that was your one shot for the year, but you've got a lot of really good veterinary experience. Obviously I don't know what your grades are like, and sometimes the admissions process seems like a crapshoot, but it seems like you should be a decent candidate. Keep at it!