Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All in a Days Work

I’ve been meaning to write oh, every day this week but then something comes up and I never get to it. I hate that feeling. Its kind a like my school work feeling…dread for not putting forth the effort I should be. It’s going ok, just a bit mundane but what would one expect for basic courses.

So I have had a very odd day, yes odd. I tend to have more odd days than normal days probably because I am trying hard to fine the humor in the ordinary. It changes your perspective.

Today we had one of our former employees return. She’s a total trip and stopped in so that a few of us could all go to lunch. Let me explain how unique my co-workers are. First the three ladies that I went to lunch with are first in their mid 50-60’s. They have been there, done that, and stole the t-shirt. They are far from boring and really embrace life.

I am pretty sure one gal who goes by the nickname of Bunny has started a few revolutions in her time. I would never cross her in a million years and she is constantly telling me to be nice to 007. Then there is Brown Sugar keep in mind I did not come up with that nickname she did and one of our work release gals who was nicknamed Tattoo (how could I make this stuff up). Brown Sugar is the employee returning. Miss Sugar as I love to call her is this feisty 4’3” spitfire of a woman who works half days and provides endless hours of entertainment for the entire office. She’s very motherly and always brings in food which keeps our sometimes grumpy maintenance guys happy during the cold winter months around here.

The third party to our lunch time outing was Mrs. B who is one tough cookie in her own right. B played softball in college, was in the army reserves, has spent a great deal of time working within the prison system, and just bought a 20 acre farm about 15miles from me! She’s ran a work crew of women cons that would refurbish run down homes that would later be turned over for HUD housing and she has a heart of gold for rescue pets. I claim that she is a key member of the rescues executive board as she is very level headed when it comes to the stress and complications and lets me whine to her.

We are a motley crew of silly woman and boy do we get loud! My goodness we probable offended half the folks at the local fast food joint. Because anything is game for discussion when we all get together from the current economic situation, to our new loved president, or Mrs. B’s new neighbor who informed her that he lost his prized part in an electrical accident. Yea, I’m not joking! These gals crack me up;)

So that was my lunch. They made this young’en blush big time and laugh so hard my sides hurt which sure felt good.

What I love about this group and my network of friends that stretches far and wide is the variety. No one is the same and everyone has a very unique perspective on the world around them. I would say my “family” is comprised of a patchwork of folks from so many varying walks of life and experiences. When you take a moment to look back it can really shock you and you begin to realize that “family” is what we make it and that is a wonderful thing!

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Jo Ann Spitzer said...

Hey Kristi! I noticed I had a follower on my blog today and was excited to see that it was you! I just got your Christmas card a couple of days ago (our US mail gets forwarded once a month)and I think about you every once in awhile and wonder how you are doing. I've enjoyed reading some of your blog and am excited to learn about the new ranch. I am also sorry to read that you didn't get into vet school yet. They are obviously overlooking a wonderful and very motivated candidate. But don't get discouraged. I know that you will be a fabulous vet someday! As you probably not
iced, we are now in Singapore. Quite an adventure Caterpillar has sent us on! I personally preferred Kansas and could have stayed forever, but it is a chance to see other parts of the world and experienc new things. In case you are wondering about Mr. Red, he is living in the lap of luxury with my parents in Tulsa. My parents are total animal lovers, but their dog passed away of old age about 2 years ago. They had decided not to get another one so they could travel more, but when Singapore became a possibility, my mom immediately begin asking me if she could have Red. I think she dotes on him 24/7. He was having some breathing problems when we left, but he's gotten a lot better over the last few months. Also, my mom's blood pressure has lowered significantly since they got him, so I think they were meant to be together (although I miss him tons). Her only complaint is that he can be pretty stubborn. Sometimes he'll go outside and refuse to come back in and my mom is stuck out there with him. The vets actually think he is pretty old, maybe 11 or 12, so I guess he has earned the right to be stubborn. I was sad that I might not ever see him again, but now he's doing better and should still be around when we visit in June. I also enjoyed reading about your 101 year-old grandmother. I have one who will be 100 in May. We are lucky to have had them in our lives for so long. Well, this is the longest comment ever! I am glad I found your blog. Now I can keep up with you and Happy Tails! Good luck with everything and keep in touch!

Jo Ann