Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday Night Fun

This was written last night but by the time I got home I was to tired to post it... Still I figured it made for some amusing reading.

It’s 8pm and I’m at Lowe’s again. Ugh! He’s in the story and I’ve found a wireless connection in the parking lot. When will the remodeling be over with? I also was informed by 007 that he will have to pull the toilet out to complete the tiling. Yea, I realized this would happen but I didn’t realize that it would be for a number of days! I think Pepe and I are going to go and stay at the house we are trying to sell b/c I require indoor “services” so to speak. I could so use the break from all the dust that comes with remodeling. I try and clean things up and then I come home and there are power tools everywhere! This afternoon 007’s tool box or should I say one of many was just open on the back porch.

I was annoyed because the dogs were also outside so thoughts of Rocco with a foreign body quickly run through my mind. Then explaining myself to Dr. L crosses my mind and then I feel justified in asking 007 what the hell he was thinking leaving it out there open like that. He had no real response just, sorry my bad. To sum him up completely would be to call him the absent minded professor. He gets so focused on whatever “project” he has going on that the rest of the world i.e. reality just kind a fades away. Isn’t it ironic how someone can be so dang smart and so clueless at the same time! I kind a picture him in our golden years as the scientist from Back to the Future and if he invents a time machine I’ll let you know, sure hope it’s the steam engine one.

So 007 just came out and has informed me that now we have to go to Home Depot. Why, you might ask? Because we bought the freaking tiles at the OTHER STORE! Fantastic! I love late night shopping. The sad part about this tale of woe is that the tiles he’s picking up are 2X2 little squares for accents in the floor. So the fact that we are bothering is highly ridiculous on our part. The fact that BOTH of us failed to realize which store we got these at is just par for the course these days. Someday we’ll look back and fine all of this funny. However, I can’t imagine when that will be!!!

Maybe I should go in the store with him… nah.

Back at home on Sunday this is what the tile looks like so far. The places where there is a small 2X2" diamond shape missing is where the illusive tiles from Saturday night are going in at. That wood box thing will be a shelf soon and will also block my view of the toilet from the tub. It is coming together!

BTW no kittens yet, but she has been nesting quiet a bit so soon probably. As of Sunday @ 2:22 still no kittens but she is so about to POP!

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