Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday naps

Is there anything better than an afternoon nap? When the sun is beaming down through the window and it warms ya as you snuggle in to all your blankets. Ah...

Maybe I'm part cat.

I just can't tell ya how much I love my Sunday naps!

Of course working so dang much maybe why I love my nap time. It recharges me, refreshes me, and I don't feel as much like a fool for working this hard when I wake-up. Granted I will have a different view tomorrow morning at 6am... make that 7am.

Hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed Valentine's Day on some level. Its not my favorite holiday but 007 is getting me to the point of liking it. He picked me up from the zoo with chocolate covered strawberries! He claims he made them but I have my doubts. They are so freaking good! Yes, I shared them but only a few.

Then we went and spent sometime with my Grandma and took her some flowers. For starters she is doing amazing. I have to let you know she is something and one heck of a fighter! She was up and in the dinning hall refusing to eat when we got there. She is back to her feisty self and even made a face (sticking out her tongue at one of her CNAs) when I took her back to her room. Once in her room she promptly requested a sugar cookie that the church group had dropped off. She cracks me up. We talked about KU basketball, the zoo, she teased me some and of course she spent sometime with Pepe. It was great to have her in such high spirits. As we left she requested that I bring back apple pie with my next visit. Sure thing!

I think 007 summed it up best as we headed home. I had asked him what do you make of the past few weeks with her. He remembered a quote and it summed it up well.

The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated. by Mark Twain

I was smiling from ear to ear! Happy Valentine's Day for sure.

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