Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are expecting!!!

Relax... not me. 007 picked up a cat that was hanging around at the end of our drive. He claims that he NEVER brings home strays only I do that. Yea right.

This time (and he claims it's his first time he's brought home a cat) well the cat is expecting kittens! We took her into the clinic for a well-cat exam. Joking! I wanted Dr. L to have a look at her and do some lab work. She's negative for feline leukemia/feline aids (FeLV/FIV) which is great news. She does have some intestinal parasites but we can't treat her for those because she's too far along. When I say she is too far along I mean she is about to pop! So we should have some new fur babies in about a week if not sooner. Once they are here we'll be able to treat everyone for the parasites. I am curious how soon we will be able to do that as she'll be nursing. I am very excited as you can imagine!

Since this is Ben's cat he got to name her and picked Amber. This isn't a great photo of her as she is hard to hold in her current condition, but it sure shows how prego she is.

Yep that is the proud midwife holding her. Wonder what the male version of that word is. Tee hee!

I'll post new pics when the kittens arrive. When they are all old enough we will find everyone homes through the rescue. This will include Amber and we will also have her spayed as she is VERY miserable and I so wouldn't wish this experience on any cat. She is probably having sextuplets. Can you imagine! I've tried to listen for the heartbeats but can't over her purring. I sure wish we had a sonogram at the clinic. I know a vet that has one... maybe I'll bug him. This is so very cool for a wanta be vet.

So please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Amber is lucky as she wondered to the right home but this could have easily been an outside winter delivery which would have been really awful for all. Glad we have the rescue and we can "fix" this situation for all.

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