Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cranky and Greatful... what a combo

So what am I cranky about? Honestly I don't know but 007 has really been bugging me today. Nope he hasn't done a darn thing just been himself and well he's getting on my nervous. I think it has to-do with the fact that he's getting close to his future finally starting and I'm getting jealous. Yea, it's the truth. So why is that? I am beyond proud of all the hard work he's put in to finishing school in his 30's and in an engineering program none the less. Plus it's not like I won't benefit from his new future. So what the hell is my problem? It's any one's guess. Maybe I just need my bathtub installed and all of this will melt away. He's getting closer!

Now what am I grateful for well Pepe of course. The Vet School decided to discharge him Saturday am at 9am why you may ask? Because my little boy is a PIA! Yep, he had enough and was officially nicknamed Hannibal by his attending surgeon. I was also told by the 4th year assigned to his case that he was very aggressive and had bitten her. I wanted to smack her. Seriously I really did. He's all of 5lbs and has very few teeth left. Also from his not so wonderful past.

Keep in mind I was once again jealous of her b/c she's in vet school and about to graduate in May and for the life of me I get annoyed when people say they can't handle a 5lb toothless or near toothless dog. Good luck in the real world is what my response should be but nope that's not what I say. I apologize and tell her I am sorry my dog's angry. He's only had half of the hospital stick their gloved finger up his rear and he's got a surgical scar half way down his gut. Not to mention how bruised he is. One specific part of him is very bruised. Why? Because he had a catheter I am guessing. So for the life of me I can't figure out why he would be so angry. I mean he should be thrilled to have everyone groping him. Right?

So they sent him home with me and let me tell ya it's taken me all weekend to get him ok with letting me look at his incision. He's on great meds and has official gone #2 so we are very hopeful that things are looking good for him. However, he has to go back to the Vet School and have yet another surgery on Tuesday. I have to drop him off by noon on Monday. At which time I think he will have a royal meltdown b/c I am once again turning him over to all the people who poke at him. But I am grateful beyond words that they have the facilities, skill set, and the price is at least in the ball park of affordable. Ok maybe its not but at least it's not really out there.

So there you have it a cranky me and it's Sunday my first day off in forever! Ugh! Oh yea and it snowed again. We had 70 degrees a few days ago and then snow! What a crazy winter.

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