Friday, March 6, 2009

Deep thoughts for Friday…

You know you need a new job when the conversation at work includes the latest video game discussion. This would be my stable big brother job that allows me to interact with zero animals accept the two legged type. What was the latest and greatest game being discussed… FLOCK, which involves farm animals, herding, and aliens. I mean seriously? I just don't get it.

Update on Pepe. He’s home, yea! He’s doing rather good considering his entire back end has been redone. Two surgeries and both successful so far as I keep the surgical area clean. Which one would think would be easy but he’s on a stool softener and well let’s just say we have gone past soft. It’s freaking great. He’s not dehydrating so far and I held off on his softener meds for today so hopefully that will resolve itself. Tomorrow he’ll spend the day with me at the clinic so if we need to play with his meds I’ll have Dr. L to help me out.

The surgical resident should be e-mailing me photos from his first surgery soon. When I get them I'll post and give my humble attempt at explaining everything that went on for both surgeries. I am personally impressed by both of them and can't pick which one is more amazing.

Pepe is eating really well and drinking great. He's on an opiate based pain med so he's pretty high most of them time. I refer to it as water down morphine. When he comes down from his high he's wired and starving. It is wonderful to have that sparkle back in his eye but I could do with out the munchie druggy behavior. As he's on restriction for movement too. No running, jumping, you know typical dog stuff. He is also rather clingy, which one would think would be just fine but I am feeling a bit smothered. I also feel guilty for saying that.

I can't imagine what this experience would be like with a sick child? One that you have had to turn over to the Doctors and prey will be fine. It has been tough but I can't even take myself there. I have a few friends whose children have had to undergo a few surgeries and they always talk about that moment when you let go as they role them into surgery. Yea, that moment has been on my mind. Medicine is amazing and frightening.

This afternoon I enjoy the amazing weather at the ranch with all my dogs. It hit 80 yesterday and today it was a little cooler with a nice breeze. Our current outside project is clearing up a fence area that serves no purpose. Very overgrown and just hodge podged together. Why do people build crappy fences? That has been on my mind too. I've found refrigerator grates. You know the racks that you set the food on in older fridges. Why would that be a fence piece? Recycle, reuse I guess.

I’ll post photos later of the transformation. Hope you had an enjoying Friday too!

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