Monday, March 2, 2009

One down and one more to go...

I dropped Pepe off at the vet school this afternoon and during introduction with the new doctor he tried to bite him. Yep, made me oh so proud.

We went over how he did all weekend and my thoughts on how to get him over some of his "issues" so they could handle him easier. I explained how he didn't want to be picked up and this Doc I think got it. Pepe has a new 4th year Vet Student assigned to him and she seemed more up to speed on how to go slow with him and just work around not picking him up.

I used 1/2 of a cat carrier (the bottom part) as an elevator system all weekend for him. With the door and top off all he has to do is walk in and then I can raise him up to the couch, bed or carry him downstairs or outside to potty. His Doc got a kick out of this but my guess is after he gets bit a few times he'll consider the idea less silly!

So I am a nervous wreck as the Doc went over every possible thing that could go wrong. I mean who wants to hear about loss of sphincter control? I mean WTF! I assume since I am bringing him to the best place in the state because I am told they'll do a great job and oh by the way that is what I am paying for. I tried to stress that point in a polite and friendly way but again wtf.

Guess now I wait and I prey that this next surgery goes as well and maybe just a wee bit better than the last one!

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