Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring time is here!

The wind sure is gusting tonight. We are under a sever thunderstorm watch which is kind a cool if you live in KS and you find storm season remotely fun. What can I say we like to watch the clouds out in these parts and boy do they come rolling in. At the ranch I can see for at least five miles I would say if not more, so you can watch a wall cloud build just like out at sea. It is something.

It occurred to me that I haven’t posted in forever. I sure think about it. I even write blogs in my head but some how they never make it to paper. Then before I know it the day has slipped past me once again.

Now it’s late and I am tired but I figured I would make myself sit down. I don’t have an earth shattering post to make but I do have something very cool snoozing in my arms balanced on my desk all wrapped up in a blanket.

A goat!

Yep, a baby goat. For real. I just adore her and sure maybe some will say I need a kid but heck I got one now! Ha, pun intended. My niece named her Melody. She is a triplet and her brother will move to the ranch when he is older to join her. His name is Sebastian, also named by my niece. Melody is being bottle feed because she is so small and short that she can’t nurse. She also needs to stay extra worm and get more TLC. Hence Aunt Kristi now has a goat. Go figure! Melody’s a fighter though and doing great at our house.

Pepe has taken to her even though he can be jealous at times. For the most part he’s protective of her. My other GSDs are fascinated by her and 007 is getting pretty skilled at bottle feeding. He has fallen for her 100%.

I’ll post some pics soon. She is oh so adorable and she is now awake. I think she wants another bottle. She is two weeks old give or take and has some of her bottom teeth already. Ouch!

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