Sunday, March 29, 2009

To live in a dream world

Why, is the world full of people who just don’t get it? People who walk around without a care in the world and with little understanding of how the world works? We call them many things. We may even make fun of them. However, where does accountability come into play?

Of course my concern is domesticated pets.

I understand that life happens and circumstances shift. What I don’t understand is complete ignorance.

I have been dealing with a lady who gave up her pet. She started off working with our rescue and going through our Assisted Placement (AP) Program. Then she up and changed her mind and took the pet to the local city shelter (which has a high volume and low adoption rates).

Our AP program provides an alternative to shelter surrender. We list the pet on our website (Link to this specific dogs bio), which is part of a national searchable database for people looking to adopt a new best friend. We screen adoption applications and when the right home is found we connect the parties up. Or we handle the adoption for them. The goal is to help lessen the stress of change on the pet. The other goal is to keep the pet healthier because it never enters the shelter system in the first place. We do not charge for this service, either.

Anyway this morning the Lady finally responds back to me and tells me everything is fine, she no longer needs help, and the dog is safe at the local shelter. She further goes on to say that the staff told her they would find her dog a new home. Right and pigs fly! Ok. I’ll calm down.

I realize what they probably told her was “We are going to do all we can to find Fluffy a new home.” I seriously doubt they gave her a guarantee. Heck I could call the folks I know there and ask them point blank and they would tell me honestly that they can’t make that claim.
What kills me with this whole situation is how she has just walked away. Her dog may pay for the situation with his life but she’s off the hook and clueless.


Me being me, doesn’t feel being clueless is an option so I send her an e-mail and tell her that we did have a family contact us that wants to adopt her dog. We have sent the shelter’s information to them and our only hope is they adopt him in time. She writes back, “ What do you mean in time?”

I could scream!

What the hell do you think I mean. So I calmly refrain from screaming and send her back an e-mail explaining what a city shelter has to do to keep the doors open. She is literally shocked and appalled.

Well, reality sucks sometimes and living in a dream world is no excuse when others pay for your ignorance with their lives.

Harsh. Yea, it is but its how I feel.

I know this woman doesn’t represent the world and that I can’t “fix” every situation. I also know that there are worse things that can happen to a pet then dropping them at the shelter. I am also not naive and realize the statistics. I also don’t despise euthanasia. I guess my whole point is the system seems very broken to me and I think it needs changed.

It’s reactive; not proactive.

Maybe it just comes down to education and advocacy.

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