Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok so Pepe isn't home yet but his second surgery was a huge success. He's spending the night in ICU, which means I will get great sleep because I know some one else is check his vitals every hour and adjusting his fluids/meds if need be. I'd say that is worth the cost because when he does come home it'll be our turn. I'd say my turn but truth be known I'm not super woman and I need 007 to help me on this one.

Thankfully 007 has spent time at the clinic working for Dr. L too. Dr. L and our RVT trained him as a vet assistant. We needed reliable help at the time so I convinced him the knowledge would come in handy so he took the job. He actually really likes being in my world and its neat to get to work with him. He gets a great deal of joy out of telling our clients, nope I'm not a pre-vet student I'm an engineering student. It leaves them rather perplexed. He is also a big hit with our more senior female clientele as he throws a bag of food over his shoulder and carries it to their cars. We received a great deal of Christmas goodies thanks to him this year.

Anyway, his unusual skill set with sure help when Pepe is back home. Hopefully by Thursday. Maybe if I'm lucky tomorrow. I had a good chat with his 4th year Vet Student assigned to his case this time. I'll call her J and I would say she is going to make a wonderful Vet from my brief exposure to her. She is just really good at explaining things. She also understands Pepe's mindset, which I would say after working in a small animal clinic is 75% of most small dogs. There is that rare 25% of nice well mannered small guys but they don't seem to need care as much. Even Dr. L's small dog is a spit fire too. Her name is Ellie and it fits. She is adorable but I so wouldn't cross her.

So I am happy even though I know we have about a month of restriction for Pepe ahead of us. Still I am relieved. Hopefully he will continue to improve and be home soon. He has received quiet the cocktail of drugs even an epidural! Yea, I will post more details about his surgery soon. I've learned quiet a bit. Poor guy has really had a heck of a week and basically had his back end re-done. Thank goodness they can do things like this and what is crazy is its some what standard.

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