Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bathroom Update Before and After...Amazing!

THE BEFORE PHOTOS: Wow these take me back!

Yep, that is what we started with. Fancy!

Just had to get a photo of the sink and tub. Oh, and notice the w/d hook-ups. This has been moved upstairs. Yes, the same floor as the closets. Now we don't have to carry laundry upstairs! That is a huge thing in my world.

DEMO Day. That was insane and in August!

A great shot of 007 after the demo weekend.
I think he liked it just a little bit.

Where my toliet ended up and the tub.
Nice that someone put the plunger by the toliet.

Now the After photos:

Tile going in.

The new very amazing corner shower with sliding door!

I also love how high up the shower head is.

My very own sink. 007 keep your mits off!

The future site of my clawfoot tub. It is currently in the kitchen. Doesn't everyone store their tub in the kitchen?

I owe (in no particular order) my friend Sarah a big shout out for helping pick the colors and of course a huge thanks to 007, my sister and brother-in-law, and our plumber/electrician friend Chris, and also the mighty Steve. So many folks helped with this undertaking!

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