Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s just another Manic Monday…

So, it has been awhile since I have posted. Way to much has gone on to even begin to summarize so what is the point. I would rather embrace spring and start fresh or at least attempt to.

An update on the remodel… well we got hot water! Then…we lost hot water. Yep, a bible quote comes to mind. Ugh. Now we are replacing the PIA propane water tank with an electric water heater hopefully on Wend. I am not holding my breath.

Although, 007 and his trusted plumber buddy mean well it is next to imposable for these two to get on the same page. Now I blame his plumber buddy more but that is just because well he is rather difficult. Great guy and his prices are perfect for us poor folk without hot water. However, I need HOT WATER, like yesterday. I don’t understand why they don’t see the urgency of all of this.

The wonderful flip side to this whole mess is construction has been delayed on our bedroom because I will not do demo work without a functioning shower! I have small standards but standards just the same. Basically remodeling is taking forever and then a day and I am sick of it!

However, it is spring and the grass is growing and turning green. Granted it has rained about four days out of seven each week for the past month but who is counting. My garden is still in the “design phase” because it is far too muddy to move the many railroad ties into place.
Here is a diagram of the garden design.

Awesome don’t you think! That is a clip art pic of what 007 thinks he will be doing regarding this project.

Okay so each of those beds will be raised about two or three railroad ties high. The ground around the beds will be some type of pebble or gravel or the like. I haven’t picked that yet but I can’t wait to add that small detail. I don’t want to pay for it though. Think English Garden and you probably are close to what I am going for.

The perimeter of the garden will be picket fencing but the gothic style pickets and scalloped. Looking something like this probably not white:

All of the post are in but we haven’t purchased the pickets yet because 007 wants to move all the railroad ties into place and my garden shed before we close it all in. Logical of course.

You will also notice that there is design for a greenhouse and a rabbit hutch. The deal is I can have a bunny if I build him a suitable hutch. That makes since right? Well, my plan is to put his hutch next to my garden shed and then allow him to hop around the garden when I am out there.

That way he’s safe from my dogs and can munch on veggies that are not exactly perfect for people. With the raised beds he won’t be able to get into them… Oh, and my bunny is already named “Weinstein” I just need to pick him out.

I am thinking a Lionhead bunny

or a Lop bunny

Yep, I do dream big and in my little dream world everyone gets along.

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