Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is up with me?

Yes, some of my posts have been a bit well ugly but some days I just don’t know how to explain the work that goes into running the animal rescue. It’s volunteer of course, self inflicted but it sure doesn’t make dealing with the crazy crap people do any easier.

However, one very true aspect about running the rescue is it’s REAL.

Time and time again you are forced to deal with the worst and best of humanity as it relates to our four legged friends. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad it breaks your heart. Still you dust yourself off and you try again, knowing that the battle is worth it.

Then a day will come along and you’ll connect with people. You make a huge impact in the life of just that one person and that one pet but those days tend to soften out the rough edges of the bad days. It renews your faith and it makes you smile.

It was a good day at the small animal clinic and with a little luck it’ll be another good week for the rescue.

Back in December we had another rescue contact us about a GSD in need of re-homing. So 007 went and checked it out. He found a poorly socialized, scared of her own shadow 2 year old gorgeous GSD. Those in the rescue renamed this girl, Belle. Unfortunately, as things tend to happen all at once, she came into our program when I had to go on work travel and 007 was able to tag along. We had originally thought we would place her right away. However, at her first adoption interview she totally freaked out and it was apparent that she needed extensive training prior to moving to a new home. In a panic we called two of our best foster friends. Dawn and Sabrina have a wealth of knowledge between them and a heart the size of Texas for an animal in need.

Only would the two of them agree to take a scared to death 70lb GSD that I arrived with muzzled. Did I mention they are saints? Yep and I repay them by brining Cujo over.

Since that fine evening they have worked and worked with Bella to no avail. She has challenged and pushed them and then pushed even more. They have tried everything they can think of. We have suggested everything we can think of. She has a very high prey drive and is poorly socialized to all other animals. This makes her vary dangerous in our neck of the woods. So it became apparent to all involved that there wasn’t much we could do for her.

We talked it over, everyone cried and then I just couldn’t let it go. It’s the knack I have for lost causes. I had received from her previous owners her registration paperwork and within it I found a website for the breeder. Out of shear desperation I called him out of the blue. He answered and we talked. I told him everything I knew about her and he filled me in on her lineage and what the previous owners had told him when he sent a six month old puppy to them.
To say he was horrified that she was in this state or this condition would be a huge understatement. He was beyond frustrated and wanted to help.

Now I know some of you who may read this may hate breeders. However, realize that there are some good ones out there and they are worth their weight in gold. They help to strengthen the breed-lines and they consider their pups to be their responsibility for life.

Jim was no different. He has since came up with a plan to place Bella with an experienced handler who he will personally work with to get her ready for more advance work. She comes from amazing bloodlines of police, search and rescue, and scent detection dogs. If he can redirect her drive and help mold her he will erase the harm that has been done to her. In return she may save some ones life one day.

Crazy, to think about…It pays to network even for dogs.

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