Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden update

It has been raining here for way to many days in a row. As a result the place has been super saturated with rain and all the muddy conditions that go along with it. Our dogs have been oh so annoyed by the amount of time spent in doors and I have been mighty annoyed at the amount of muddy paw prints that still make it into the house!

Eh... life on the ranch right? I guess. I am still getting use to that part and swore a blue streak that I will combat mud and dirt. Of course 007 found it hilarious when I requested that he pave the place I park my jeep so that I can stay on concrete. This coming from a guy who is excited to take Advanced Concrete Design. Whatever!

Well, this weekend the sun came out and we were able to get outside and get back to work on the garden. Well, I should amend that statement to mostly 007 as I can not for the life of me lift one of those railroad ties. Plus you add in the extra weight from all the rain and well forget about it!

Anyway, I wanted to post before pics and a the first photos of the first two beds. Yes, I know we are a long way from my drawing but it is amazing to see it emerging. It is also amazing to cut through all the weeds and make something awesome again!

So here are photos...

The small light colored wooden posts are the perimeter of the garden. Once all the railroad ties, my garden shed, greenhouse and the like are in we will enclose it. Notice the slant of the land that hill in the foreground leads to a small pond. The goal of the garden is to use gravity feed from the pond to water it! Yes, I find this to be fantastic idea!

You can see part of the garden barely in this photo. In the photo below you can see the whole pond it is rather small and we plan to enlarge it as it dried up completely last August. The tree branch that is sticking over the pond is a Weeping Willow tree which 007 plans to put in the middle of the pond on an island. That way we can have a tree swing that dumps you in the pond! Yep, very cool in design but it maybe a few years before we get to that point.

This photos is looking up at the garden from the opposite angle. You can see all the railroad ties being arranged out for consideration in random places. It was a process to come up with a design.

Ok, the yellow lines show the first two beds for the garden and the red shack well that is a long story but it's a really cool building. The guy, that's 007 and you can kind a tell he's smiling as he's very pleased with what he has done today!

Yep, we have a long way to go!

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Chrystal said...

It looks great! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see all the fresh veggies.