Saturday, May 30, 2009


I’ve got an hour to kill and filling out parasitology paperwork for our entire education department doesn’t thrill me so it can wait until tomorrow.

I am also still recovering from thinking I am still in my 20’s. Sarah, my intern, pall, and chemistry study buddy dragged me out on Thursday night for Margarita’s at a local dive that sells the little devils for $1. I had spent half the day pissed at 007 for the whole school mess and just being frustrated with the status of things in general. Sarah being oh so young knew what would fix my mood (or so she thought) so to the bar we went. She also invited a couple of her friends and one being Ramone. He knows practically everyone at the restaurant so we got the star treatment.

I’ll admit I rarely indulge but when I do I swear I have zero tolerance and self control to admit I so can’t consume little devils. Then there is my dear friend who thought it would be hilarious. Yea, I’ll blame the 23 year old. 007 picked our dumb butts up around 11pm, but the damage was done. I now refer to tequila as to-kill ya. Dear god what was I thinking!

As I paid dearly and 007 took care of me I informed him he had to get it together or I was going to end up a total wreck. He assured me he would and would monitor my stupidity until I realized I was old. Ah thanks hubby! I think he found the whole ordeal pretty funny.

Sad, sad I know but whose perfect these days?

It was nice to be cared for even though I'd been an idiot. If I ever figure out how to send photos from my phone I'll upload them. Ramona told the wait staff it was one of the guys at our tables birthday. That was pretty hilarious complete with sombrero.

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