Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing up is hard to-do!

Figured I would try this, "getting it together thing," one more time today and begin with a blog.

We have already fed the baby bunnies twice (more on that soon), I've stepped in dog poop, and we managed to cook an actual REAL breakfast at home! Did I mention I took the day off? Yep and I can't seem to deal with it. Ugh. I drive myself insane and then 007 has to come along for the ride. So is my world.

I have some photos to share because yesterday was one of the most gorgeous days ever around these parts. Beautiful blue sky's, puffy white clouds, and mid 60's weather wise for AUGUST in KS! Hard to freaking believe. Normally you can fry an egg on the sidewalk about this time of year. Eh... I'll take the cool weather for sure.

On Saturday it was a typical weekend day for me I was at the zoo working. As usual I get a random call across the radio from one of the keepers regarding an animal and can I come down to their range. To the golf cart I go and into the elephant and giraffe barn I wonder to find to my surprise, delight, and horror a nest of newborn baby bunnies. Right there in the middle giraffe stall a rabbit made a nest out of alf-alf hay and had five baby bunnies. The keeper in his wisdom had the presence of mind to do nothing and call the Vet Department first.

Typically and let me stress this part if you find wild bunnies in a nest no matter what time of day you should LEAVE THEM ALONE! Why? Because the mommy rabbit will return to feed them. Of course in the event that the bunnies have been born in a giraffe barn you will need to contact a wildlife rehabilitator for assistance in relocating them. Which is what I had to do.

I called left a message and short while later they called me back. I had moved the bunnies to the Vet hospital and had them all snuggled under a heat lamp until I could talk to an expert. The woman was super nice and some how along the way I caught her enthusiasm for baby bunnies and I volunteered to raise them. Yep! Because I have nothing else to do right? Of course.

That was Saturday and it is now Monday and these little buggers have to eat every three hours give or take. Guess what? The bunnies are kicking my rear! Which is why my day is starting at 11am again. Ugh.

They are adorable and already respond to my voice which is kind a cool but a bit overwhelming when they all want to eat at the same time and I only have two hands. There are five. The other kicker to this crappy equation is there is a VERY high mortality rate for wild baby bunnies, so I am really trying hard not to get attached. I haven't even named them, which most people I know will attest is a huge accomplishment for me. UGH!

I am also trying really hard not to think about tomorrow when I have to leave 007 in charge of feeding them when I return to work. I may cry because his hands are so big and I worry. Keep in mind he has helped with a ton of the feedings and done great. They are just so small and he has big man hands so I worry. They are so freaking tiny.

Anyway, send well wishes our way. Hope with us that the bunnies grow up big and strong and then take over my garden because that is my plan assuming I was allowing myself to think about the future and all.
Three Cheers for bunnies!

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