Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A photo or two to capture the excitement!

Here are some recent photos from the crazy construction happenings at Happy Tails Ranch. Just about 5 minutes ago 007 finished the kitchen tile. It still needs grouted but that is nothing compared to the insane task of tiling a floor and getting it all to look perfect!

Remember we bought this tile for our anniversary in May and it is mid-August so tiling can be a pain but 007 did an amazing job!
Look, look it's NFM delivery truck! I was home for this and drove the delivery guys a bit nuts with my photo snapping habit. Still it was so exciting and I felt just a little bad for the guys because they back the whole way up our driveway.
The new flat top stove!

A closer view. I am pretty excited about the multiple burners on this baby!
Bring in the fridge. My first side by side with water and ice on the door! I think I am in heaven. Our current plan is to angle the fridge in the corner over there but that may change.
I couldn't resist some amazing bathroom photos. The tub is finally in the bathroom! Hip, hip hooray. You can see the shelf in this photo. Still waiting for the tub to be hooked-up.Another shot of my custom bathroom shelf! Fancy don't ya think.
A closer view, see the magazine rack at the bottom. It will have trim pieces add soon.So there you have it an update on the insanity! What have I learned, well for one I was crazy for agreeing to all of this. The other thing I have learned is this has been worth every awful second of blood sweat and tears. I can't begin to tell ya how much pride goes into all of this and how nice it is to have a place that just fits our life!

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