Friday, August 14, 2009

Time keeps on ticking, ticking away...

Yep... we sold it! Thank the heavens above. It was down to the wire with condition after condition but in the end when we got the call every ounce we poured into that place was worth it to be done, finally free!

So that is the high note and things are looking up but...

Well, I am bummed have been for awhile and the whole blogging hasn't really been a focal point. I've been hooked on facebook crack like nobodies business. Why? That would be the million dollar question of the year. How did I get hooked so freaking bad? Eh, it is what it is. I think I need to connect more and it is oh so good to connect with really great friends. You know the ones from the early years when life seemed complicated but sure as hell wasn't. When all you had was a big test or a pain in the butt teacher to worry about. Or of course the latest and greatest drama from whatever boyfriend or guy you had a crush on.

Ah those times have passed but it is fun to reconnect.

Back to the being blue, its my Grandma I still miss her like crazy. How do people do it the letting go, the living with only the memory? I don't understand. It comes in waves. Sometimes I am perfectly fine and then I'll catch my reflection or be out in the garden and she's there. She is right there. Like now. Its all that is left and its never enough. Don't get me wrong it's wonderful to feel her presence, I just miss her so. I'm not ready to be a big kid, to move into the next phase. I want to stay the grand-kid and enjoy the summer, just a little longer please.

However, time keeps on ticking, ticking away. So my goal and hope is to enjoy the present; one day at a time. Today I enjoyed the hammock and watering the garden. Yes, I think I had company out there. Tomorrow I will enjoy the clinic and the zoo. Getting paid for your favorite hobby, how lucky is that!

So if you can try just a bit to enjoy the present as well and all those you can connect with right now even if it is only on FB crack :-)

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