Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The title escapes me

I am home for a brief pit stop while I sit and wait for (get excited) the stove, fridge, and finally a new mattress to arrive! The delivery driver just called and said they are 20 minutes out. I figured I could post in that short time span (hopefully).

The photo on the right was taken just before we had yet another big storm. We have been having a ton of rain which is great for the garden but not good on getting the tomatoes to turn red. Still the view is amazing!

Well, it feels amazing to be getting the house finally in order. We spent a considerable amount of time just cleaning. I had no idea how much we had let the house slide during the whirlwind selling even of our former house. I mean it was gross! The good news is we are back on tack and turning this little pad into a wonderful home.

At work I had to relocate office space which was annoying but so is work. This meant that all of my many plants had to come home. At first I was overwhelmed but in step 007 and he help string my plants all over my home office. I really have a ton! It looks rather cool and this place is starting to really feel like home, my forever home.

We spent last night working on the floor tile in the kitchen. I handed out tiles been did the hard part and Orson our dog did the getting in the way moving the tile to the wrong spot part. Princes one of our foster dogs who will probably stay with us because she is so annoying nobody is going to adopt her and well we love her for some stupid reason. She walked through the mortar and then the cat pranced through the whole mess and flopped on his back and began rocking back and forth. 007 was not having any of this even though I tried to explain that they just wanted to give their stamp of approval for the nice new tile. I ended up putting everyone to be early.

We are close to being done with the tile but dang tiling really sucks! I mean it is slow going and you don't get to use any cool tools except the wet saw and that thing is just loud and well wet! At least I broke down and bought a wet saw this time. When we did the bathroom I rented one and that was a BIG mistake because nothing went according to plan and it put way to much stress on the project because we had to have it back by a set time. Now that we have our own we have slowly but easily tiled the kitchen.

Plus because we have one I have been able to convince 007 to tile the top of a little shelf in the bathroom so I can set a plant on it and other things that might get wood yucky. That turned out amazing. He also added some decorative tile above the shower. Here is a top view of the shelf looking down. To the top of the photo is where the toilet sits and to the bottom is where my claw foot tub will sit, you can see the small water lines laying on the floor maybe. This breaks up the space and allows me to cover the shelf with plants. On the side facing the toilet 007 built custom shelves complete with a magazine rack at the bottom and a smaller shelf just for TP.

This gives you another view of the shelf which might explain it better. That is the frame of the shelf before it was closed in and finished.

Next we will move on to kitchen cabinets and at some point buy a dishwasher and range hood/microwave for over the stove, I hope! Then there is also the install of the washer and dryer. I have the washer but I need to buy my matching dryer. Until than I think I am going to go with a clothes line for August.

Ugh... this process has taken to long.

Well looks like my appliances are here! Yipee;-) Photos to follow soon.

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Chrystal said...

What a gorgeous photo of the outside! You all are doing great. I look forward to seeing the finished product on our next visit.