Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Feet…Or something!

Big changes seem to be on the horizon. Let’s hope I am up for the challenge.

What is up?

Well, possibly a new “big kid” job as my friend Sarah would call it. I’m a mix of scared and excited. Scared because I’ll be leaving my comfort zone, which is weird. To say I have grown comfy at my big brother job but I have. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

The job offer is exciting because they want me to be creative, innovative, fresh, bring a new perspective and they want me to show them how to bring energy conservation to their clients!

The best part is they don’t want me to be an engineer, they have real ones and they don’t need me to be one! This would be my very first job where I don’t have to be an engineer or some type of suedo-engineer. Yea! I can just be me, save the environment, save energy girl, who just so happens to be crazy about animals.

So let’s hope they make me a job offer soon!!!

Gosh, I will be really sad if they decide not to… guess that means I want the job, YIKES!

If you are curious as to where this leaves the whole vet school dream? It is still alive and well, sorta. I think I am just a bit tired of the whole hoping for something to happen or waiting for my life to begin based on some ADCOMS picking me. Plus what is the reality of vet school, tons and tons of work which I would honestly welcome but it does scare the pants off of me!

Granted this didn’t stop me from applying to KSU and ISU this cycle. So, we will see if the stars wink on that notion this year. I won’t know anything until August 2010 and honestly I think I’m a long shot. So why not move forward in the meantime.

Who knows I may even take up running, like Chrystal (wink, wink). Well, at least I could follow her in my Jeep! Way to go girl:)

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Chrystal said...

Hee! Thanks!

Though I haven't run since Saturday. I am such the procrastinator.

Can't wait to get an update.