Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hope everyone is able to have a wonderful happy day tomorrow with loved ones. I will be spending the day with 007 and our furry gaggle of "kids". Then we will rush off to my sisters to see her kids and hear about what Santa brought them.

Until I find some more time to write night all and sleep tight.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Time to Kill....

Time for an update!

Yes, I got the job which has been really cool but with change has come some ups and downs. You know the typical growing pains of being the “new girl”. It’s a bit annoying but I am slowly getting the hang of things.

The hardest adjustment is transitioning to the for profit world. I am so used to the amount of wasted time in government work seeing everyone in the office productive is actually rather shocking to my system. It is also a pleasant and wonderful change of pace. I don’t feel like the odd man out just because I want to do a good job or get a job correct.

As for the drawbacks it seems that everyone is over worked around here so the whole, “work life balance” concept I was going for seems a bit far fetched at the present time. I am still hopeful I can convince them that I am a better employee when I get to work from home!

Yea, it is a long shot but a girl has to dream you know!

Speaking of dreams…. I have an update on my far fetched one.

I made interviews at KSU Vet School and actually had my interview on Saturday. In one word it was very odd.

Yes, odd.

I was asked the exact same questions which I expected so I didn’t prepare a lick minus the night before and the drive down. I mean how does one prepare for lame questions, like “tell me about yourself, and explain the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.” By know I have those questions down pat almost to the point of knee jerk reaction.

This year I wasn’t nervous at all and knew a few of the vets conducting interviews. I figured I would give it another shot!

As the true dork I am I was going for an American idol moment and took in x-rays with me, chest films to be exact. Yep, that is what I did.

I think I will standout because of it. However, other than appearing a bit over eager to please I don’t think it earned me any points.

Oh and back to odd.

They never asked me about my three years at the zoo.

They gave me three LARGE ANIMAL VETS and I haven't worked for a single one.

They seemed more concerned about the 9 months I spent with a humane society and my current rescue than anything medicine related. I told them I had no freaking idea what that one humane society (that will remain nameless) was up to these days. I haven't been a part of their group for like four years or so... maybe less but I have tried to block most of that out!

Here is the question that really through me... and made me just want to scream at them. Are you familiar with the curriculum and do you realize that Vet School would be full time?


I seriously didn’t even understand the Vet when she asked this of me. I didn’t understand that she was asking me if I was willing to quiet my job.

Once we got on the same page I profusely sputtered out that yes I was abundantly clear that I would be back in school full time and would not be able to hold down a job. I just couldn’t believe she thought I was that stupid that it hadn’t occurred to me that Vet School would be my full time job! I was so annoyed with her.

Seriously by the time you make interviews you have to complete at a minimum 64 credit hours specific for the Vet School which includes a number of upper level biology and chemistry course work. You also have to have three references, meet a cut off point with your GPA and GRE scores. So to get to the interview point and not realize it’s a full time program is just unimaginable!

Well, enough on that topic. Basically I came out of my interview thinking the whole thing was rigged and colossal waste of my time. However, I will quickly change my mind if I get a set in the class of 2014.

What are my chances?

Well, that is hard to say because the longer I pursue this crazy dream the more I am certain it is pure random as to who the select for the final class roster.

Specifically for KSU they are interviewing probably around 150 in state students give or take a dozen or so. They are also interviewing close to 500 out of state applicants. Most vet schools and KSU is no different has an early admissions program and for this class there are 25 students. The actual class size is 107.

So you can do the math.

KSU is notoriously known for splitting the class almost in-half as far as in-state vs. out of state students. So I don’t think I have ANY advantage by being in-state.

Basically I think my odds are 1 and 8 at best.

Oh well... I am leaving it up to the universe to decide if I am supposed to go down this path. I have done all I can up until this point and now it’s out of my hands.

My goal with this new job is also to blog more so I will try and do that. If I fail at that I’ll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas now just in-case!