Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So freaking tired of putting off blogging. So I sat my happy booty down and decided I'd write something.

It is crazy how many ideas I have to write about but never take the time to just sit down and do it.... So here is my list of topics that are currently bouncing around in my head. Yep its a busy place!
  • The Sally P. drama. It just makes me want to scream! The "R" word hurts don't use it. PS don't write on your hand and then flash your hands. Lame.
  • I could write about my not so new job and all the lame drama working with a bunch of dudes creates. They're good guys but I am a wee bit tired of being the only lady.
  • I could write a ton about the above topic and how some days things bother me more than others. You can take your woman's lib and I'll happy go back to the kitchen. Working is so over-rated.
  • The yet again crappy letter my not so friendly state college sent me regarding that pipe dream I have about Vet School. Even though I knew it was a long shot I STILL got my hopes up! WHY.... I mean I pride myself in being a realist.
  • How and why we chase dreams. I mean why do we do it? I've been doing a few google searches on the topic.
  • How to launch a new division for a company and the ups and downs. I could also go on and on about how I just don't care enough about said company or the new division to be in charge of this.
  • I could go on and on about 007 and the movie we watched this past weekend "Dear John". We wrote a ton of letters for better part of our lives back and forth. I have all of his...his got burned/tossed out I can't remember all the details of how that happened...9-11 brought us back together instead of tearing us further apart...irony.
  • All of that would lead me to bring up the fact that I am going through baby-crazy-ness. Yea, I made up a word to describe how I sit in staff meetings counting how many months before I could pop out a kid and then calculating how long I'd get for maternity leave. Or how I pushed back my last OB annual exam because I couldn't decided if I should get knocked up or not. I haven't even checked to see if I can.... I am a true wacko!
  • Or I could whine extensively about how we took in a foster dog only to have a minor out break of bronchitis in our household. Dog version... Only three have it currently. The hacking oh dear god the hacking! Yuck.
  • Etc...

See I could go on and on but to tell you the truth I am just so freaking tired. So off to bed I'll go. Hope your neck of the woods isn't pushing you closer to the edge.

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