Saturday, February 27, 2010


Seems to be the feeling I just can’t shake. It goes away from time to time and then pops back up. If one was to read my FB status updates I appear chipper even maybe annoyingly so. I don’t know why that is. I felt these feelings when I posted that and then things shifted. A co-worker was annoying, a project took longer, the pup had an accident…eh you know life happened.

This all has me thinking about FB and how it fits into our lives. It seems to be rather cool at times and at other times it just doesn’t fill the void enough. This week I went out to lunch with two new people. One was a dinner to be more exact anyway it was fun. It was fun to connect outside of the office and outside of the internet. I may try it again soon if I could figure out how to improve my cash flow. I don’t get how I am still behind the eight ball on that but it still is the case. Maybe it’s just a fact of life and there will always be “bills” to pay. Eh…just seems like the older I get the more of them there are.

It can make you a bit cranky! Sorry I couldn’t resist.

I am putting some strong hope in the change of season that this feeling of cranky leaves and I get to spend more time outside. I know it will fix a lot but I have a ton of plans that a positive cash flow would really help. Guess that’s what comes with buying more space…more things to work on!

Some ranch updates:
· The place is a muddy mess. However, we are starting to see signs of growth and green peaking its way out from a VERY long winters nap.

· All our fur kids are healthy and doing great, which is good because our whole house came down with that dog bronchial flu going around. Not much you can do about it but see your vet and put the whole house on antibiotics.

· I have found a new wonderful Dr. for myself and 007. I think my new Doc may have a good idea as to why I keep catching these chest colds. As a bonus he has also put me on some stronger meds to finally kick this cold which is good because I am way to run down to fully function.

· Work is good, crazy and a bit stressful but it’s so nice to be in a positive eager work environment. I think a person could work anywhere if that is the atmosphere that is created.

· Speaking of work I had a moment at the clinic today that I was shocked how I handled it. A fellow worker was her typical butt headed self, which she does from time to time. I could expand on the why but I just don’t care to analyze her. Instead of snapping at her I just walked off. Yep, me! Who would have thought I could manage that and I was flaming pissed!

· Back to the ranch…I finally have a design for my garden shed and herb garden. I’ll try and add it tomorrow.

· I haven’t written about 007 in awhile but he is good. School is still a bit of a mess but not so bad as it was. Let’s just say he’s back and he’s doing really well with the stress and hurdles thrown in his path. I wish I could make all of this go faster for him but its life and I can’t.

· As for the two of us well I would say we are really good, except on the weekends because I just can’t get it together and make the shift to slow down. He’s fine but I just can’t seem to unplug, unwind, and still be mildly productive. I am either going 100mph or I’m off to take a nap. I blame the weather.

· Oh and about that pup she is really coming a long way and her Mom well I’ll have to post before and after pics. The Mom was nearly starved to death but now she has a bit of tummy showing! That warms my heart and makes me know I am doing at least something right in my little piece of the world.

Well, there is my update it is a bit long but I can’t seem to be short and to the point. Hope your world is falling into place and your finding your way as well. It’s a process they say so here is to the process! Oh yea and if it could rain money that would help too;)

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