Monday, July 26, 2010

Jane Turrell Pattie Hall

To me she was just Gram who lived life with no apologizes. If she didn’t approve she told you; she didn’t hold back. If she was happy with you and proud of your choices she also showered you with praise. If you needed to talk she’d listen and give you her advice, which you may or may not like but she was honest in her own way.

If you needed a place to stay or live her place was always an open door. If your Mom didn’t understand you she always did, she was a fantastic grandma and tough dang was she tough.

It seems ironic that we remember what we want and remember it how we want. I have so many great memories but for some reason I keep thinking about the times I got in trouble. She had that affect on people.

EARLY MEMORIES: I’ve tried to recall my earliest memory and it’s a vague flash of beach moments at Cove Point with Gram in the kitchen at her table playing a game of solitaire with real cards. Or she’s out on the beach hands behind her back, shoes off, head down, walking in the tidal water with that slow back and forth pace of hers stopping from time to time to pick up a sharks tooth. She always found at least one if not ten during each time I went with her.

BEACH HOUSE: I remember learning to eat Maryland blue crabs with butter at that same kitchen table and how amazing it was to live so close to the water. I can recall photos with all of us in the kitchen with a steaming pot of water on the stove and basket full of crabs ready to be cooked on the floor, everyone cracking up over the latest joke or what the “kids” did this time at the beach. The backdoor would bang open and close all the time because the beach was a huge bustle of activity when a crab fest was in full swing. I also recall the conversation with Gram where she informed me that I could not live in my swimsuit and I would have to wash it at some point.

LESSONS: Once I was out driving with Gram and she was busy telling me a story while driving. Sometimes she’d get a bit animated and this particular time she drove off the road into a grassy ditch. She was so upset that I had to drive home after pulling the grass out of the wheel well so nobody would know. Later after her nerves settled we laughed about it. I am pretty sure I got to drive for the rest of my time with her that summer. I also recall that same summer driving over a concrete parking space divider and getting her car stuck on it. To say I was scared would be understatement. Gram was always prepared for a crisis and she figured out how to get us off of the concrete divider. We made it home and she kept it our secret but I had to spend extra time practicing with her on how to park correctly.

HOME AWAY FROM HOME: When you leave home to go to college in another state it helps to know you have a place you can go to whenever needed, that was Gram’s beach house. Anyone was welcomed, me and all my friends the more the merrier. She always enjoyed a good party and was always in the thick of the activities. When I moved in with her after college I didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out it was probably the best roommate situation I ever had. She had a way with letting the day unfold and enjoying what came along. She let me have freedom but also structure. It was a fine balance and she was good at helping anyone find their wings while having a safe place to rest each night.
I am sure as time passes I’ll remember and recall other memories but for now I am happy just knowing she is where she wants to be, with Pop-Pop probably walking down their beach and enjoying the day.

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Anonymous said...

This must be an ancient post- but I just discovered it & I'm in tears. What a beautiful tribute to Gram. I miss my mother (your gran) so very much... thank you for such a beautiful tribute....xox Aunty Melissa