Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yep, I have let this blog slide… so this post is WAY overdue.

Life happens, boy does it happen. To update via various topics…

Remodeling: On going, still. I can not wait to write that we are done. I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

Happenings on the Ranch: We now have chickens and ducks. The chickens we got off of craigslist, who knew you could find farm animals that way. We picked out 7 chicks, we now have three hens and five roasters. I know the math doesn’t add up. That is because we picked out a Roaster prior to the chicks. His name is Eddie. I feel very sorry for Eddie that most of the chicks are males. It is entirely possible that we only have two hens.

This means we have to figure out what to do with some of the roasters. We have some VERY nice roasters! They are huge and crack me up strutting around my yard. We’ve been letting them free range a bit but of course they still want their grain. They actually think 007 is their mother and follow him all over the place.

One day, awhile back, I was left unsupervised at the farm store which is how we ended up with four ducks. They were just so freaking cute I just couldn’t help myself. Now they are all grown up and my goodness they are HUGE!!! Seriously I think I have mutant ducks. We have no idea on how many boys and girls we have. My guess is the loud one is a boy but that’s just because he bugs the hell out of me. Honk, Honk, Honk, Yea you get the picture. What’s even funnier is watching them waddle in a line after 007. You guessed it, they think he’s their Mother or at least a really good food source!

Work: It’s on going and crazy busy. I kind a like it and I kinda don’t. Still a better fit for me than big brother but I still don’t find it totally fulfilling, so I’m back at the job hunt. Yep, go figure. I seriously debate often if I will ever find a job I enjoy 100%.

I mean they call it work for a reason right?

See I don’t think like that I feel that I should enjoy it because one spends so much time doing it. I am tossing my hat into the ring for animal related positions. Maybe moving away from energy is the key. My interview was a behavior based one which was weird. They gave me situational essay type questions. My responses had to be in story form. Odd….

No it is not for some covert ops job! Now that would be kind a cool!

Other randomness: So 007 and I don’t have central air and if you noticed the crazy heat wave the Midwest has been under you’d take pity on our poor souls. To cope with the heat we have been going to the movies often. Therefore here is our movie review.

  • INCEPTION: We loved Inception, very cleaver, crazy, movie. Go see it! It’s a must, very awesome flick.

  • KNIGHT & DAY: We also liked this flick but its smart film that makes you wonder if your life is just on pause…so I can see why the critics have been hard on it. BTW Tom Cruise is awesome in it. What can I say I still adore the guy from Top Gun days and this one is just as good!

  • THE BOUNTY HUNTER: This seriously cracked us up. You gotta love Jennifer in this and it’s a good date movie.

  • DATE NIGHT: Ok this would be our luck and since then we have considered taking someone’s reservations, but alas most of the places we go don’t need reservations. I’m not a huge The Office fan but this was really good.

I have also tortured 007 with Lifetime TV Movies…nope none of those I’d recommend. Go figure!

Summer Beer: Okay this is our new favorite adult beverage and it is the perfect summer drink. Start with lemonade (we are using crystal light), add a shot or two of good vodka and top with just a wee bit of beer, to make it look like sun tea. Yum!!! Sip slowly and if you drink two many of these it's not my fault!

There. You are semi-up-to-date on the crazy life and times Southeast of Disorder.

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