Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It fits me to a tee! What if I stopped being so callously cautious and took a leap?

I am trying to do that with work, thinking outside the box, trying to figure out how to get out of the 8am-5pm rut. I read a lot and one of my current major interests is this whole concept coming from the Y-generation that 8-5 is a waste of time. After 10 years I would have to agree whole heartedly. It really is a lame process. I seriously do not do 40hrs of actual work during 8-5. I am by no means a slacker at work. I meet all my deadlines, etc. Add the access of a computer, internet speeds, being able to contact our server from off site. It is no wonder my thoughts mull over this concept. There really is no reason for me to be “in the office” to accomplish my tasks. Yes, I need a desk to work at but that desk location is irrelevant.

So I am trying to figure out a plan to break free of the 8-5 rut. My current theory is to find consulting gigs. It’s daunting and doesn’t fit with my cautious mentality but I won’t let that stop me. If I can pull of a 2nd degree while working full-time I am sure I can figure out this transition. The drawback is this “idea” is fairly new here in the Midwest and my boss is of the mindset that he needs all his minions where he can see them, task them. Granted I am out of the office A LOT, unsupervised. Shocking I get my work done as I’m a professional. So his fear is unwarranted, I think and dated. Whatever he signs my checks so he gets to keep his opinion but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to change his thinking.

My goal is to work from my ranch, on my porch in good weather. I think I’d be amazing at that setup. I could be dead wrong but I have a theory that it would be ideal. Hmmm

My theory is the key with letting yourself go is you have to be willing to fail colossally. Hmm I hate that part. However, I have recently read that by allowing one’s self permission to fail colossally it opens up space to succeed colossally. I think there is an old saying about one having to take great risk to have great reward.

Food for thought ;-)

Back at the ranch I added yet another wonderful four legged animal to the mix. Two actually, they are llamas and after much debate we have settled on Dolly and Tina for their names. Here is an adorable photo of them that 007 snapped with his cell phone. Dolly is the white one and Tina's mom.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A lot on my mind…

It's hard to write after my last post but I miss writing...still nothing seems appropriate...

BUT, here I go anyway...

First a pretty photo of the farm, not my little ranch but one near and dear to my heart... I just thought this looked so KS in August!
Now my post:-)
I keep having a question about social media, probably because I am attending a workshop on using it for advertising. It’s being put on by our local chamber next week. I am very curious as to what if anything I’ll learn.

I mean what is there to learn?

I guess I’ll find out. If I sign up which I still haven’t done. Why? It’s $20. Granted I could charge it to “work” but it seems questionable. It still intrigues me but I don’t know if I’m intrigued to the tune of $20. Oh and did I mention lunch is included. Apparently I am cheap!

So we will see what I finally decide to-do. I’ll probably sign up. Maybe.

It’s been a good week for adoptions! Yep, to say that isn’t on my mind I’d be lying. We have a foster dog at the vet clinic we work at, we have a foster dog and cat at home, and we received a number of e-mails this week from various individuals and groups needing assistance. I haven’t answered half of them yet. One broke my heart and has stuck with me all week a three month old kitten.

Here is his photo (caution it’s bad).

He’s OK, actually he’s great! However, he lost his eye sight do to an infection. Since he was abandon, dumped he wasn’t seen by a veterinarian until it was too late to save his eyes. A very nice lawyer found him and took him to her vet and they removed the eyes to prevent further infection. This photo is of him a few days post surgery. He will improve and the scaring will heal more.

It is still super sad but one thing that I love about animals is they don’t have the “issues” we have regarding disabilities. They adapt and this will become his normal. He won’t feel sorry for himself and he sure won’t care if someone things he looks different. He’ll just be him. Wish we could apply this approach to our own lives and see past labels. We’d probably learn to be happier and kinder.

The good news and this is REALLY good news!

This little kitten has a forever home already, yep he’s been adopted by a woman that had another blind cat for 14 years. The family wasn’t sure if they were ready to open their heart up but turns out this little guy wormed his way in after a trial overnight. 007 checked in with the lawyer and she was thrilled to report it’s a perfect fit!

The thing I love about this story besides the happy ending is seeing a working professional stop, notice, and lend a hand to a pet in need.

I think animal rescue gets a bad rap a lot of the time and believe me I understand why. There are so MANY crazies out there…yes I know ironic.

Keep in mind I’ve been doing this type of work since 2004 and I’ve learned a lot, defined what I consider appropriate, and established many boundaries. I am constantly learning and finding new ways to approach situations and through this evolving process I have come to realize a few cold hard facts.

Some groups are crazy!

I have had my share of dealing with people who mean well, want to do what’s right, but lose sight of the pet in the process. They also assume that the pet is a small human in fur. It’s not and I am sorry but someone is not going to go through a lengthy process to add one to their family.

We are working with a national rescue and they are driving me nuts. Ok, strike that I am not working with them they are trying to work with me. I am not responding to the litany of stupid paperwork they are making up on behalf of this dog. Sorry not going to happen. I also don’t agree with their adoption application, adoption contract, or their adoption fee… too long, not enforceable, and way to freaking high!

The contract actually reads that the pet can be seized by the group at anytime, WTH!

Yes, our contract states that any of our adopting pets need to be returned to us if the adoption doesn’t work out but I can’t do a damn thing if you decide not to call me and I sure as hell can’t seize your pet! I am not the law. Keep in mind we do microchip the dogs in our program and list ourselves as the emergency backup, but all of this is explained to the adopting family. It’s their pet, ownership transfers.


Will I find this particular dog a great home, yes and I will make certain the adopting family has a good adoption experience so they will return to adopt again. Will I assist the national group in the future, heck know they are CRAZY!

(sticks tongue out!)
One more piece of good news, 007 just called to report Kuma our current foster dog staying with us had a fantastic adoption interview and is on his way home. His new owner just feel in love with him and he hammed it up I am told. Here is photo of Kuma out at the ranch (in my flower bed). I will still miss him.

Yea for happy adoption days!