Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It fits me to a tee! What if I stopped being so callously cautious and took a leap?

I am trying to do that with work, thinking outside the box, trying to figure out how to get out of the 8am-5pm rut. I read a lot and one of my current major interests is this whole concept coming from the Y-generation that 8-5 is a waste of time. After 10 years I would have to agree whole heartedly. It really is a lame process. I seriously do not do 40hrs of actual work during 8-5. I am by no means a slacker at work. I meet all my deadlines, etc. Add the access of a computer, internet speeds, being able to contact our server from off site. It is no wonder my thoughts mull over this concept. There really is no reason for me to be “in the office” to accomplish my tasks. Yes, I need a desk to work at but that desk location is irrelevant.

So I am trying to figure out a plan to break free of the 8-5 rut. My current theory is to find consulting gigs. It’s daunting and doesn’t fit with my cautious mentality but I won’t let that stop me. If I can pull of a 2nd degree while working full-time I am sure I can figure out this transition. The drawback is this “idea” is fairly new here in the Midwest and my boss is of the mindset that he needs all his minions where he can see them, task them. Granted I am out of the office A LOT, unsupervised. Shocking I get my work done as I’m a professional. So his fear is unwarranted, I think and dated. Whatever he signs my checks so he gets to keep his opinion but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to change his thinking.

My goal is to work from my ranch, on my porch in good weather. I think I’d be amazing at that setup. I could be dead wrong but I have a theory that it would be ideal. Hmmm

My theory is the key with letting yourself go is you have to be willing to fail colossally. Hmm I hate that part. However, I have recently read that by allowing one’s self permission to fail colossally it opens up space to succeed colossally. I think there is an old saying about one having to take great risk to have great reward.

Food for thought ;-)

Back at the ranch I added yet another wonderful four legged animal to the mix. Two actually, they are llamas and after much debate we have settled on Dolly and Tina for their names. Here is an adorable photo of them that 007 snapped with his cell phone. Dolly is the white one and Tina's mom.

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