Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogger Butt =)

I am trying very hard to get my blogger butt in gear.  Seems I have ideas all the time to write (blog) about but I avoid getting started.

There are a ton of things going on around these parts. 

Fall is here!

So we decorated and embraced it for a change.  Yea for personal growth, sorta! 

The front porch is now decked out for fall.  All of the hanging baskets have mums in them and I finally decided to change out the picnic table to this black iron one.  I think it fits and the chairs are very comfy even though I need to buy some cushions.

I'll miss eating out here when it gets cold out.  This year we also added a friendly scarecrow to great guests to the ranch.  He is all decked out with his KU baseball hat on and 007 added a really nice face I thought.

After we got everything setup we decided it was time for the Great Pumpkin Search to commence. 

Off to Lawrence we ventured and 007 was on a mission!  He searched far and wide and I am pretty certain was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. 

Here is a few photos of our loot!  It's a great pumpkin patch just look at these beauties!  The pumpkin I am holding was a bit heavy for me to hold but I had to get a photo opt in surgery be damned!

We settled on these four bad boys and then picked up a few gourdes and some itty bitty pumpkins at checkout.  Now our scarecrow has some pumpkins for company on the porch. 

Waiting for the leaves to change.  We have this one tree by the drive near the house that is just perfect in so many ways.  Soon it will turn bright red and then drop all of it's leaves.  I wanted to get a before shot but as I was taking the photo I noticed it is starting to turn. 

It's just a matter of time!

Soon this tree will be just amazing and I'll be sure to post a photo to share.

It was wonderful weather this weekend for being outside.  Here are two photos of us just out and about.  The one of 007 is with his trusty buddy Scout.  Who by the way is the best dog ever!  The photo of me is during our drive during the great pumpkin search.  I got a wee bit board and started taking photos of, well myself!  Yes, lame but whatever.

Up next is the Christmas tree project.  This gorgeous evergreen at the curve of our drive will soon be decorated for the season.  We are tackling this project early since we'll need a lift to get the freaking lights on it.  I am hoping this will become  an annual tradition and I seriously can't wait.  How pretty it will be all lite up with snow on the ground.  We won't be turning on the lights until after Thanksgiving though.  Come on we aren't that CRAZY!

So from us to you get out there and enjoy fall it will be over before you know it and then it'll be!

Monday, October 11, 2010


In other news:
Internet issues at the office… annoying.


Having to get out of bed on a rainy day…just plain wrong!

Back at the Ranch:
Well, we have chickens and they need a better house for the winter. So 007 has been working on building them one. He has a very unique habit of over engineering things. This of course is fine by me, minus the extra time projects take. I still however love the end results and I gotta say it is nice to know that this house will last probably my entire lifetime.

Here is a photo of the mini-house/chicken coop. The windows are in, both have screens and glass in them. The glass can be completely removed for air flow purposes come next summer. Yes it's insulated, better than my house. 007 is known for his foam insulation obsession.
If you look close on the inside of the door about halfway up is the nesting boxes. There are six of those bad boys. Complete with outside access to the nest to collect the eggs. Why? Because I HATE going inside chicken coops to get eggs. The chickens poop you know! So props to 007 for this little design element!

Then there are two doors. One to enter from outside and one to their chicken yard. I even found a nice porch light at the Habitat Restore place for a few bucks. We will also be putting in a nice large fenced yard for them to keep the buggers safe and away from my flower beds! I am really thrilled with this design and can't wait to move the girls in, and those roasters too.

Update on Me:
Well, I am in search of my next adventure/project. For now I’ve got nothing. I did however hang-up a ton of birdhouses all over the ranch. Even that was a challenge in my current state. Yes, sad and ANNOYING!
I am tired of recovery, very tired. I am now to the itching stage which I assume is the home stretch. Last night I successfully slept on my side, HUGE accomplishment if you ask me. Sleeping on my back has been annoying.
But here is a photo and yes I am looking away from the camera so I don't laugh. What can I say it's hard to take a photo like this. Note my very cool KSU Exotic T-shirt and keep in mind I was VERY tired in this pic!

Work Update:Guess I should comment on the Energy Star Expo held last Saturday. It went well, for Topeka’s 2nd attempt. Local stations picked it up but one channel showed up super late. I’d actually packed up our booth minus the sign by then. Not cool but timing is everything right.

Also, I am amazed at how many crazy people flock to energy conservation events. I mean could we please move this field forward and not set it back a million years. Other than that I hope next years will be an even bigger success. If I can help the coordinator partner with another local residential building group that has some advertising dollars to spend. That should make a huge difference.

Now to see if our IT guy has fixed the Internet issue...
Happy Monday all!

One final photo today from a recent sunset. I love how the cows are silhouetted. living is good for the soul.

Monday, October 4, 2010

This Weekend 10/9/10: Energy Star Expo!

If your looking for a something different to do this weekend. Check out the Energy Star Expo!

Using Energy Star's Portfolio Manager you can Establish what your score is on a scale from 0 to 100. Zero = Red, which = very in-efficient. If your score is 75 or better you can have your facility Energy Star certified!

Below is a typical home and where one experiences energy loss.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Crisp cool mornings, warm days, snuggling under covers at night and leaves changing color. Yes, fall is upon us. The longer I live at the ranch the closer to the outdoors I feel and the more I cling to each season refusing to let go of my grip. It’s odd because typically there is something about each season that I love.

I guess it comes down to one simple fact, change is hard.

Yep! That is the key to it all.

So I haven’t blogged during September. Change is hard, remember. It was my first year without my Grandma to celebrate our birthdays together. That was weird, I’d say hard but that would be a lie. I still feel her near and had a great birthday it was just different this year. I even planned an outing.

A group of friends and I got together and headed to the KC Renaissance Festival. It was fun and I rode an elephant! The photo of me is horrible but what can I say that leads to another change I’ve made recently.

I had surgery.

Yep, for real. I had what is called a mammaplasty and a mastopexy. Basically it’s a reduction and a lift =)

How has it been?

Well, the truth is it’s been hard, frustrating, scary, and wonderful!

I honestly didn’t put a ton of time and energy into really thinking about the aftermath of the surgery. I focused more on getting ready for it. Getting my KSU Application done, paying bills early, and lightening my work load. Basically I cleared my plate and just let the Plastic Surgeon (PS) take over.

On the day I regained conciseness is when I had to deal with what I’d done to myself and I was shocked! I couldn’t believe I’d actually put myself through such a crazy and invasive procedure. I also was stunned by my new shape. I was taken back and felt mildly flattened. Yea, me!

Then my rational brain kicked in and I started to understand just how endowed I had become. My PS took almost 2lbs from each side. One side he took more of, who knew I was lopsided as well!

Not any more =)

It is officially a week post-op and I am starting too really like the changes. I feel so much lighter and oddly more myself. I spent a long time trying to embrace my shape but didn’t care for it all that much, the truth sucks sometimes. Now I feel proportional and normal.

Is that possible?

Now if only I could get my strength and cleared to actual do something I’d be thrilled. I am restricted to lifting nothing more than 5lbs and let me tell ya I am sticking to that rule. However, I am seriously going stir crazy because that really limits my activities on the ranch! I have been walking which helps and feels so good. I hope that is one change that I can stick too.

However, surgery did get me out of cleaning the chicken coup. Instead I lounged in the hammock. Life sure is hard sometimes!