Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogger Butt =)

I am trying very hard to get my blogger butt in gear.  Seems I have ideas all the time to write (blog) about but I avoid getting started.

There are a ton of things going on around these parts. 

Fall is here!

So we decorated and embraced it for a change.  Yea for personal growth, sorta! 

The front porch is now decked out for fall.  All of the hanging baskets have mums in them and I finally decided to change out the picnic table to this black iron one.  I think it fits and the chairs are very comfy even though I need to buy some cushions.

I'll miss eating out here when it gets cold out.  This year we also added a friendly scarecrow to great guests to the ranch.  He is all decked out with his KU baseball hat on and 007 added a really nice face I thought.

After we got everything setup we decided it was time for the Great Pumpkin Search to commence. 

Off to Lawrence we ventured and 007 was on a mission!  He searched far and wide and I am pretty certain was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. 

Here is a few photos of our loot!  It's a great pumpkin patch just look at these beauties!  The pumpkin I am holding was a bit heavy for me to hold but I had to get a photo opt in surgery be damned!

We settled on these four bad boys and then picked up a few gourdes and some itty bitty pumpkins at checkout.  Now our scarecrow has some pumpkins for company on the porch. 

Waiting for the leaves to change.  We have this one tree by the drive near the house that is just perfect in so many ways.  Soon it will turn bright red and then drop all of it's leaves.  I wanted to get a before shot but as I was taking the photo I noticed it is starting to turn. 

It's just a matter of time!

Soon this tree will be just amazing and I'll be sure to post a photo to share.

It was wonderful weather this weekend for being outside.  Here are two photos of us just out and about.  The one of 007 is with his trusty buddy Scout.  Who by the way is the best dog ever!  The photo of me is during our drive during the great pumpkin search.  I got a wee bit board and started taking photos of, well myself!  Yes, lame but whatever.

Up next is the Christmas tree project.  This gorgeous evergreen at the curve of our drive will soon be decorated for the season.  We are tackling this project early since we'll need a lift to get the freaking lights on it.  I am hoping this will become  an annual tradition and I seriously can't wait.  How pretty it will be all lite up with snow on the ground.  We won't be turning on the lights until after Thanksgiving though.  Come on we aren't that CRAZY!

So from us to you get out there and enjoy fall it will be over before you know it and then it'll be!

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