Friday, October 1, 2010


Crisp cool mornings, warm days, snuggling under covers at night and leaves changing color. Yes, fall is upon us. The longer I live at the ranch the closer to the outdoors I feel and the more I cling to each season refusing to let go of my grip. It’s odd because typically there is something about each season that I love.

I guess it comes down to one simple fact, change is hard.

Yep! That is the key to it all.

So I haven’t blogged during September. Change is hard, remember. It was my first year without my Grandma to celebrate our birthdays together. That was weird, I’d say hard but that would be a lie. I still feel her near and had a great birthday it was just different this year. I even planned an outing.

A group of friends and I got together and headed to the KC Renaissance Festival. It was fun and I rode an elephant! The photo of me is horrible but what can I say that leads to another change I’ve made recently.

I had surgery.

Yep, for real. I had what is called a mammaplasty and a mastopexy. Basically it’s a reduction and a lift =)

How has it been?

Well, the truth is it’s been hard, frustrating, scary, and wonderful!

I honestly didn’t put a ton of time and energy into really thinking about the aftermath of the surgery. I focused more on getting ready for it. Getting my KSU Application done, paying bills early, and lightening my work load. Basically I cleared my plate and just let the Plastic Surgeon (PS) take over.

On the day I regained conciseness is when I had to deal with what I’d done to myself and I was shocked! I couldn’t believe I’d actually put myself through such a crazy and invasive procedure. I also was stunned by my new shape. I was taken back and felt mildly flattened. Yea, me!

Then my rational brain kicked in and I started to understand just how endowed I had become. My PS took almost 2lbs from each side. One side he took more of, who knew I was lopsided as well!

Not any more =)

It is officially a week post-op and I am starting too really like the changes. I feel so much lighter and oddly more myself. I spent a long time trying to embrace my shape but didn’t care for it all that much, the truth sucks sometimes. Now I feel proportional and normal.

Is that possible?

Now if only I could get my strength and cleared to actual do something I’d be thrilled. I am restricted to lifting nothing more than 5lbs and let me tell ya I am sticking to that rule. However, I am seriously going stir crazy because that really limits my activities on the ranch! I have been walking which helps and feels so good. I hope that is one change that I can stick too.

However, surgery did get me out of cleaning the chicken coup. Instead I lounged in the hammock. Life sure is hard sometimes!

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Crittle said...

Go, you! Live this life, girl!