Monday, October 11, 2010


In other news:
Internet issues at the office… annoying.


Having to get out of bed on a rainy day…just plain wrong!

Back at the Ranch:
Well, we have chickens and they need a better house for the winter. So 007 has been working on building them one. He has a very unique habit of over engineering things. This of course is fine by me, minus the extra time projects take. I still however love the end results and I gotta say it is nice to know that this house will last probably my entire lifetime.

Here is a photo of the mini-house/chicken coop. The windows are in, both have screens and glass in them. The glass can be completely removed for air flow purposes come next summer. Yes it's insulated, better than my house. 007 is known for his foam insulation obsession.
If you look close on the inside of the door about halfway up is the nesting boxes. There are six of those bad boys. Complete with outside access to the nest to collect the eggs. Why? Because I HATE going inside chicken coops to get eggs. The chickens poop you know! So props to 007 for this little design element!

Then there are two doors. One to enter from outside and one to their chicken yard. I even found a nice porch light at the Habitat Restore place for a few bucks. We will also be putting in a nice large fenced yard for them to keep the buggers safe and away from my flower beds! I am really thrilled with this design and can't wait to move the girls in, and those roasters too.

Update on Me:
Well, I am in search of my next adventure/project. For now I’ve got nothing. I did however hang-up a ton of birdhouses all over the ranch. Even that was a challenge in my current state. Yes, sad and ANNOYING!
I am tired of recovery, very tired. I am now to the itching stage which I assume is the home stretch. Last night I successfully slept on my side, HUGE accomplishment if you ask me. Sleeping on my back has been annoying.
But here is a photo and yes I am looking away from the camera so I don't laugh. What can I say it's hard to take a photo like this. Note my very cool KSU Exotic T-shirt and keep in mind I was VERY tired in this pic!

Work Update:Guess I should comment on the Energy Star Expo held last Saturday. It went well, for Topeka’s 2nd attempt. Local stations picked it up but one channel showed up super late. I’d actually packed up our booth minus the sign by then. Not cool but timing is everything right.

Also, I am amazed at how many crazy people flock to energy conservation events. I mean could we please move this field forward and not set it back a million years. Other than that I hope next years will be an even bigger success. If I can help the coordinator partner with another local residential building group that has some advertising dollars to spend. That should make a huge difference.

Now to see if our IT guy has fixed the Internet issue...
Happy Monday all!

One final photo today from a recent sunset. I love how the cows are silhouetted. living is good for the soul.

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