Monday, November 8, 2010

I think it’s funny…

Another Monday and back at my desk I sit. Correction back at my lunch table I sit.

Why? Well, funny story… I am located in the flipp’in break room. It’s not totally bad. It has its perks. I’m close to the fridge. Perfect since I’m on a diet!

I find mornings at the office a bit funny. There are the perky folks, there are the grumps, and then there are a few of us middle of the road types that just don’t care all that much what you think (maybe I’m in the grump category after all).

For example, it makes no difference to me if you say, “Wow, looks like you just rolled out of bed.” Guess what I didn’t but I sure as hell didn’t spend an hour doing my stupid hair. Sorry not going to happen. Never mind the fact that I live in the country and have to drive 15minutes to town so no way I just rolled out of bed, ahem!

But I digress…

The fact that I don’t spend hours on my hair or use high end shampoos drives my hairdresser nuts. What can I say I don’t have the will power to jack with my hair to make it all perfect when I know I’ll be outside part of the day nor do I see the point of spending lots of money just to clean my hair.

Yes, I style and brush it. I’m not that bad. At my old job I kept my flat iron at the office on the off chance I found some motivation mid-day to waste time attempting to style it, more. During an office move I lost the flat iron. It only bugs me because it was slightly expensive, not because I miss using it. I was told an old co-worker has it in her office and said I could come and pick it up. That just seems like far too much effort. I’ve asked 007 to do it but he just rolls his eyes. Guess it’s not high on his radar either.

Nothing to terribly exciting on my end just found it funny this morning and had to share.  One more thing here is a photo taken last Tuesday...granted you can't see my hair completely but whatever =) 

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