Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Staying organized

Why is it so hard?
Every week I attempt to tackle this issue and find myself unsuccessful. Yes, I have a ton on my plate but don’t we all? If you have kids I’d say its magnified 100X over. So what’s my excuse, having pets? That excuse seems a bit weak. This of course brings me back to how or maybe it is why?

I’d say it has something to-do with avoidance. Hmmm that’s some food for thought.

I read a lot online and recently I started writing down things that capture my limited attention span. Last week it was the following. ”Progress is doing something which maters for your goal. Be conscious of what urges you have, what distracts you, and why you’re doing it. Then you can become more aware and can address the root problem, usually fear.” This of course leads me to my theory of avoidance.

I can relate to all of that. Developing my career has been a process and moving it forward to what I want it to be; independent, seems daunting.

This weekend alone I am torn between relaxing, attending an entrepreneur workshop, or a podcast conference that’s supposed to be very interactive. Oh yea and a fundraising 5K event for the local humane society. What’s a gal to-do? Pull the covers over my head sounds awesome!

Fear holds me back from jumping in the deep water because I see work as the real deal not some whimsical fluffy idea of mine that won’t make or break my bank account. Heck starting an animal rescue seems like cake compared to work stuff.

Ironically all of it takes work. Going off to college, surviving college and earning a degree, getting a job, keeping that job, relocating, signing on to a new job, starting a non-profit…. The list goes on. It’s all hard-work. Nobody hands those things out.

Funny thing… I started a business once, then closed it. Yea, I got tired of it and it stressed me out. Plus I didn’t make enough to quit my day job so it really bugged me and then I didn’t even sell it for a profit.

I didn’t get it.

But you know what it was fun to dabble. I like dabbling, less commitment and guess what crappy returns! Live and learn right?


I guess I should point out that the little lame business did give me some great memories and confidence. To be fair I closed up shop to go back to school and get a 2nd degree, which lead to amazing things in the animal world. Ok it wasn’t a huge loss and I’ll be the first to admit it just wasn’t the right fit for the market I am in. Plus my business model or lack there off was a bit flat.

Moving forward…

I am still and will probably be hung up on this whole concept of trading money for time. I want to create something that doesn’t suck all my time away. That way I can do it whenever I want. I hate, the 8-5 M-F setup. Let me repeat I HATE IT!


It seems silly. Ok I’ll explain. We have such diverse and challenging lives but then we complicate it by putting restrictions on our time. We have “social media”, heck this whole other world is out there on the internet 24/7 and there seems to be a huge conflict. So why on earth can’t we exist in a work world where we are not limited or restricted to 8-5pm. No I do not want work more than 40hrs a week and the idea of working from home seems like a band-aid solution to me, (one I’d happily try for a bit). Maybe I just see the train (of change) coming and I want to jump on.

What does this have to-do with organization?

Fragmentation seems to sum up how I feel as I run from here to there. It seems like everything could be much more organized and structured, which would create more free time to tackle that out of office to-do list.

Hmmm…now that is food for thought!

Back at the Ranch:

Fall is leaving (ha, get it!), and we are trying to get ready for winter. This trying is plagued with lack of motivation because winter is coming and I want to hibernate! The chicken coup is close to being done but not done. Last night we lost a duck, still sad about that. I don’t know why either. “It” because I haven’t figured out how to sex a duck just passed away while sleeping, no injury was seen so we don’t have predator issue. I’d been treating it for an eye injury with a prescription from my vet that we thought was the result of either being peeked by a Rooster or tree branch. The eye was clearing up but for some reason the duck didn’t make it. I scrubbed down the “Quacker’s” temporary house just in-case but the rest of the ducks look fine. I sure hope it’s nothing.

In happy news Willie our foster pooch had an adoption interview that went really well. Hopefully his soon to be new family will have a successful day today. They are closing on a house and Willie is going to an overnight stay next weekend which I hope (fingers crossed) turns into a permanent stay. One of our foster cats Alley is on a weekend overnight with one of the gals from the vet clinic. I am hoping she keeps her that will be a tough one because the gal isn’t ready for a new pet.

A short update on 007, he’s busy. Yep that sums it up. That guy is slammed with school work but he’s loving it. Yea, for that!

As for little old me I am off to big luncheon today with some local leaders. I sure hope it’s a good experience and someone tosses me some work!

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