Friday, January 28, 2011

Bored...but, BUT!

I’m bored with just about everything. It’s true. Work is just fine, but fine doesn’t fit my personality much at all. I need activities. I need client meetings, I need to get out of my office chair and stop typing and go play in the sun. I’d love to go home to the ranch...

I have an appointment after work so I need to stay in town. Plus I’m covering for 007 at the clinic.

Maybe I need a vacation. That is probably it. I hate winter. I mean I REALLY hate it! At first I’m ok with the pretty snow and then in our location we get nice days tossed in and the snow melts. Which is great but it also reminds me how much winter sucks or rather how much I LOVE spring and then it also reminds me how far away spring is. Ugh!

It’s a vicious cycle and talk about driving myself crazy. That’s what I do when I can’t be outside, I drive myself crazy. Today is no exception. I know your totally shocked, I mean isn’t this the typically writings of a lunatic, pretty much.

Eh… I’ll focus on what is. The ranch is a muddy, sloppy, snowy melting mess. It makes walking around a royal PIA because I keep slipping and falling. Like yesterday when I took the dogs for a walk in the woods and I fell down three times. Yea me. I took pictures… (of the dogs not me falling)


My camera is on its way to Wichita, a town two hours away with 007 driving it (hey at least it didn’t run away by its self). So no happy doggy photos in the woods. Boo:(

Our foster dog Willie is getting adopted today I hope, that’s my evening appointment. The adopting family only sent a short e-mail so I don’t know if they will show up. I hate meetings like that. It’s hard enough to say good-bye, even harder when you’re not even sure it will happen. I’ll miss him and a part of me won’t. He’s a great dog but he’s also a needy dog. Needy is good if he was “my dog” but he’s a foster so I have to remember not to get to close. I’m not too good at that part.

Fostering is hard, but it’s pretty darn wonderful too. If it’s a good match I’ll never hear from the family or see the dog again or if I do it’ll be only a holiday card. Sometimes this fact shocks me and other times it just seems perfectly normal. What has surprised me is seeing a dog or cat years later and not recognizing them or remembering (on the rare occasion I do get to see them again).

When I started the rescue I was positive that would never happen, names and faces would never blur together. The good news is we’ve helped such a number that it has happened and the bad news is I don’t always remember. A double edge sword of sorts.

Regardless that is what is but at least as of this second I’m not bored. I have a post to upload!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We got snow this week and more is expected on Sunday. Makes the ranch look so pretty but I am ready for Spring.

Slept in this morning and it was pure bliss. 007 got up early to take care of everyone, prep the coffee, and get ready for work. Gotta love mornings like that. I do find it odd or surreal that he's the one heading to the vet clinic and I'm the one snoozing.

Crazy the twist and turns life tosses us.

Speaking of such things I heard back form my instate vet school and once again they have rejected me out right. It's hard to accept but it's reality. I am uncertain as to my next move.

What's crazy is I have a good job, no scratch that I have a great job and it pays really well. What's hard is the subtle double standards that goes on. I am the only gal in a management position or non-clerical or administrative roll. So sometimes I get treated like them and sometimes I just get over looked. It is what it is and it's huge step up from my last thankless job. It's still not right. For example my counter parts all have company cars. In the past couple months I started turning in gas receipts so I get something but not equal. They have offices I have a desk in our overflow area also known as the break room. Eh I make fun of it and have made it as comfortably as possible. I still get paid so it's a bit annoying but not enough to make a stink about.


It makes me want something more or something different. Basically I am ok with doing this job for awhile but not forever.

Of course this opens up a whole new can of worms which is, then what? I am working on that part. Its a bit complicated because I have a few months to consider various options. As of Friday (yes yesterday) school resumed for 007. He's happy and I am panicky hoping it all goes well. He has a heavy credit load and needs to work. Not the best combo but THIS is his last semester if we pull it off.

So with him in school until early May, I have time to come up with my next move. I'd like it to consist of a non-traditional work day. I have done the 8-5 for over ten years and I need/want a change. I also want sometime to explore the potential of the ranch. Being at an office during the core hours of the day makes me miss out on what I could do here. Assuming I could come up with something profitable or at least semi-productive.

Come on baby steps first...then maybe a noble peace prize!

Until then I will enjoy the fact that my Saturday is peaceful and all the pups are currently happily napping as I type. I have wonderful music on thanks to DirectTV and Internet thanks to apple IPad and At&T 3G! Yep, it is good to have so many options, live in the sticks, but still be connected to the world wide web.

Until next time...enjoy today, this moment, and dream about what you could do if you just let yourself. Food for thought :)

Location:Happy Tails Ranch

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Midnight iPad :)

Blogging from the ranch once again!!!

Wow this is downright amazing! You see we use to have satellite Internet because we live in the sticks.

Guess what? It sucked!!!

So I finally canceled it and resolved myself to only being connected Monday - Friday besides my iPhone. Yea I blame the iPhone because it's great but not the same...enter the iPad.

Let me just say I have five bars and I've never had five bars at the ranch for Internet:) I really had my doubts that it would live up to all the hype but it really is very cool. I don't know when it happened that I became so down on technology but using this new touch screen gadget makes me want to embrace it from now on. This really will make my world a wee bit better and for that I'd say it's worth it.

So expect more posts and with a bit of luck I'll continue to embrace the new year and all it has to offer.

Night, night world.

Location:Happy Tails Ranch