Sunday, January 16, 2011

Midnight iPad :)

Blogging from the ranch once again!!!

Wow this is downright amazing! You see we use to have satellite Internet because we live in the sticks.

Guess what? It sucked!!!

So I finally canceled it and resolved myself to only being connected Monday - Friday besides my iPhone. Yea I blame the iPhone because it's great but not the same...enter the iPad.

Let me just say I have five bars and I've never had five bars at the ranch for Internet:) I really had my doubts that it would live up to all the hype but it really is very cool. I don't know when it happened that I became so down on technology but using this new touch screen gadget makes me want to embrace it from now on. This really will make my world a wee bit better and for that I'd say it's worth it.

So expect more posts and with a bit of luck I'll continue to embrace the new year and all it has to offer.

Night, night world.

Location:Happy Tails Ranch

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