Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When trying to title this post so many ideas came to mind. Was it fate or outright activism? Was it just the heart leading the way or could it simply be human curiosity?

It’s hard to say.

What I do know to be fact is on June 26, 2011, I attend the JHS Adopt-a-thon for pets displaced by the F5 tornado. It moved me in ways I can’t truly explain.

I think I drove 007 nuts.

I’ve been following the work of the ASPCA and Humane Society of Missouri in their efforts assisting Joplin Humane Society to deal with the aftermath of this catastrophic event.

I’ve read the FB page religiously.

Mr. Rickey
The command staff and countless volunteers, in my world  are the real Rock Stars! On Sunday, I walked passed many of them. You could have pinched me I was so tickled.

ASPCA with JHS Executive Director Karen

I’ve also developed mini-crushes on the command leader, hey anyone who can pull off a pony tail and rescue dogs is what legends are made of!  When I pointed them out to 007 he rolled his eyes and laughed probably with me. Maybe.  He gets it and if you pressed him he'd say they are Rock Stars too, but he's cooler than me.

While following this process via social media it reached out and wrapped its grip around my heart. The feed on FB made it real to me!

I’ve cried.
I’ve smiled.

I’ve cheered when reunions happened.

I’ve come to know many strangers who shared in this journey.

Then one day I filled out an adoption application.

How ironic that two very special people to 007 and I would be getting married the same weekend as the Adoption Event? Ok not that unique BUT our route to the wedding would take us through Joplin not once but twice (return trip).

That seemed like FATE!

On Friday, we stopped in to see how the process would unfold. It was amazing to walk through the doors of a place I’d just seen on the internet. It was hopping place!

There was lots of activity and confusion but good confusion.

I was told to come back, I hadn’t been selected for a special needs pup. I was a little sad but it was nice to see that the process they had laid out was really in place and yes starting Saturday adoptions would begin.

Organized chaos was the word that came to mind.  Here is the video from Saturday. 

We were busy getting the kids married but after the reception we hoped in the car and headed towards Joplin.  We made it to just outside of Fayetteville before we realized most hotels in the Joplin area would be full. The event had made the nightly news!

Upon my demand 007 confirmed this by calling nothing less than 10 hotels. I finally relented and we stopped for the night. We slept hard and in the AM we rushed out of the hotel a bit behind schedule but still in time for the event.

We checked in and got our number 820 :)
I was happy! Then we looked around and I got to soak it all in. My people! The energy was contagious and everyone was eager with anticipation. It was moving to see so many come back to see if they might get a dog or cat.
We waited… And

We watched dogs find little girls with pink hair!

We watched cats find new loving homes and meow their departure.

THEN our number was called for orientation. I was thrilled! We
learned the process and lined up.


Waited some more…

But not long,

Then our number was called and in we went.

We split up.

I was overwhelmed. It was a huge operation. Dogs everywhere. So many had Adoption pending signs. Many where already gone, moved on to start their new lives. It was surreal to be there and to have the option to adopt. I couldn’t decide so I asked a vet.

She had on a dark blue scrub top with DVM in white letters. She could have been an angel because she made since of all the chaos for me. I told her I worked at a clinic part-time and was willing to take on a special needs dog. She wanted me to clarify how special needs and I said whatever needs me. We walked around and she told me about a few cases.

Then she said, “Oh, I almost forgot I have a pair you might want to consider. They are very bonded and have to go together. One of them has heartworms though. Here they are.”

That was it I was sold. Two rag muffins. The kennel read must go together they love each other and are Two Peas in a Pod. Really? That works!

I asked an adoption counselor if I could go in with them and she said yes please do. The white fluffy one in need of a haircut was the first to great me and jumped up saying hello! His buddy quickly joined in but you could tell he felt like hell. The counselor was thrilled at their response saying they hadn’t done that to others. Oh sure rub it in and make my heart fall further! Thanks:) She had her job down pat!

I was already sold and all it took was a little more paperwork before I officially became there’s.

Meanwhile, 007 was on his own rescue mission. He’d spotted a 100lb love bug and the two were already in the paperwork stage of becoming family members.

Before we could click our heels three times we had everyone all settled in the car and were bound for Happy Tails Ranch! I had a smile on my face from ear to ear and I am pretty sure so did the pups. Was it fate, mission of insane people, or just love leading the way. All go with all three. You know what?
It was a great day!