Saturday, August 13, 2011

My new normal

Change is hard, but change happens regardless if you are ready or not.

What's new?


I use to wakeup early and rush off to the vet clinic. I'd handle morning kennel chores and then head up front. From 8am - 12:30pm I was the vet assistant!

(This photo is not of me but rather the RVT who trained me. She's pretending to do an EKG on my cat Amber for the clinic website. Performing an EKG was part of my day at the clinic.)

Afterwards, I'd swing by McDonald's grab a oh so unhealthy lunch and head to the zoo.

I'd check in with the Zoo Veterinarian grab my radio and do mid-day rounds with her. We'd attend to any cases, check on those animals in quarantine, and finish the day with medical notes.

(One of the pumas, these cats were very cool. When a new animal arrives at the zoo it spends about a month in quarantine before joining the zoo population. This allows for medical work, observation, and training by the keepers. It also insures something contagious doesn't impact the entire zoo.)

On Sunday, I'd head straight to the zoo and be there by 8am. I'd handle morning rounds myself and call the vet if any new cases came up. She'd either advise over the phone for non-critical cases or come in if the case was suspect in any way. Most Sundays I was on my own and I had a golf cart!

She always left a to-do list so I never was at a loss for work. Plus at the end of the day there was always medical notes to-do. I hate charting and was always behind which would earn me a sting scolding. I did get better and I do get why you do it the same day.

(I'm feeding one of the lemurs in this photo. He was staying in the zoo hospital for a reason I can't remember. All I do remember is singing that song..."I like to move it, move it!")

(This is Tucker the male hippo and for some reason I was checking his mouth with one of the zoo keepers. I don't remember the case that well.)

(This is Quilla and I remember her very fondly. She was in and out of the zoo hospital for diarrhea. I felt really bad for her but I also got sick and tired of cleaning her up. I still have a few quills. Like a dog she'd shed quills instead of hair. She loved bananas so I'd hide her meds in them.)

When I'd get home I'd be exhausted and typically I'd just crash. I didn't spend much time at home and the weekend schedule was intense. Come Monday I'd head back to my 40hr work week. Yep, the process was fine until I took time off and then the reality of the insane schedule I was keeping caught up to me. However, I'd dive right back in.

Looking back I miss all of it and I don't. It's more of a feeling of been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

How it all changed I don't really recall. It was little at first and then it all changed. At some point I STOPED.

My new normal.

I work a new 40hr work week at a new job. It's still energy work and not the dream, but it's light years better than government work. I do work harder, get paid more, and have the stress that comes with an increase in work status. I'm ok with it most days. My head boss, company President, has ridiculous revenue goals. I should care but most days I just assume it's fuzzy math. It is a means to an end and that end is keeping a roof over our heads while 007 takes the long way through college. Its a sore subject.


On Saturday, morning, 007 gets up by himself and heads to the clinic. We used to go together until i just stopped. He does kennels on his own and oversees the whole kennel staff. Yea, it's crazy weird. My part-time job is now his. He even worked for awhile as a Vet Assistant but then got a real engineering job, you know since his goal is engineering and not vet med.

My involvement at the clinic consist only of maintaining the web site and facebook. I created both and I only recently started getting one of the main staff to help me but only with the FB account. Wow, I design websites! Random twist there.

(This photo is on the clinic website:

As for the zoo, I left and I haven't been back. The "why" didn't involve me. Once I left and got use to the feeling I realized I didn't really miss it. Keep in mind by the time I left I'd been there over 3 years! Plus I'd assisted on a procedure with every animal in the collection. I guess I'd finished there and hadn't realized it.

(My favorite zoo photo. Me with the male lion during his annual check-up. To bad these moments weren't everyday at the zoo.)

So my new Saturday with 007 handling the clinic consist of sleep! Glorious sleep! On some mornings I might still be in bed when he gets home at 9am. Or somedays I'm already ousted working on something. One of my newer flower beds is pictured below.

On Sunday, we spend the day at the ranch doing ranch stuff. We work on remodel projects, spend time with our fur kids, watch movies, bug each other, read, and sometimes take naps!

(Our GSDs Rocco, Scout, Orson, and Greta. Nala is in the bottom left just her ears. She has yet to figure out group photos.)

It's so weird but that IS my new normal. It feels a bit strange but it's growing on me.

Don't get me wrong, vet school is still the dream but it doesn't feel so mandatory any more. I am however toying with school in Grenada. My skills feel rusty and the cost gives me heartburn but my day job just might push me towards a plane!

Change, it happens.

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